Use Effective Web Design to deal with Bounce Rate

Use Effective Web Design to deal with Bounce Rate

Website-Bounce-RateEvery site owner dreams about getting heavy traffic. However, if this traffic fails to convert into buyers then this heavy traffic only results in having an adverse effect on your Return on Investment. This is because you have to pay for SEO, SEM and other Internet Marketing activities, as well as PPC ads. If you want to lower website bounce rate, you need to follow given below tips-

Analyze SEM and SEO Activities for checking Relevant Traffic!
Wide arrays of reasons decide why some websites have more than average bounce rate. The main reason is irrelevant traffic being directed to the URL. It may be possible that your marketing strategy or SEO strategies are inaccurate. For example, if broad spectrum of keywords is being targeted by PPC ads, many visitors may not fall within the target market profile thus they will leave your website as fast as they came. Thus, it is necessary to target right keywords in the page title, URL, alt tags, H1-H2 tags, etc. It is particularly important to hire a person for SEO and SEM activities who is quite knowledgeable and experienced in this field. A thorough understanding about your business is also essential. Otherwise, it may result in a negative impact on your business.

Go for Quality Content on Websites
You need to be aware about the significance of content. If the content is not up to the mark, people will not spend more than few moments on your site. If too much text is used or the content is not written properly, it may not help you in gaining relevant traffic to your website. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid irrelevant information in the content. Presentation must also be good and effective. If there is high bounce rate on your website, you need to re-evaluate content. It is important that the content is clear and concise. As soon as visitor opens your website, USP of your product or service must be immediately apparent. Avoid tweaking content, as it may not offer expected results.

User Friendly Website
It is very important to design a website that is user friendly and easily navigable. Also, one need to ensure that site map is updated regularly. Every page should have internal search feature. In a nutshell, it should be easy for every visitor to gain relevant information within moments. His interest in your site must never wane, and that is possible only when your website is user friendly.

Analyze Website Quality on a Regular Basis
Website must be analyzed regularly for its quality. This will help you to tackle any issues that may occur in your site before your visitors come to know about it. This will surely have a positive impact on bounce rate. There may be several reasons for sudden and unexpected issues like broken links, “buy” buttons working properly, products displayed in a proper way and so on. These are all silly issues and should not hamper performance of your website. These can be simply avoided using regular checking for quality.

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