5 do’s and don’ts of SEO you need to know

5 do’s and don’ts of SEO you need to know

According to Internet Live Stats, Google receives over 77000 searches per second. Another study conducted by Advanced Web Ranking says that 67% of clicks go to the first 5 results displayed in search engines. These studies tell us how important it is for our website to rank higher on the Search Engine Result Pages. If you own a website, you’ll be aware that this can be done with the help of SEO.

SEO is an integral part of digital or internet marketing as it helps you to drive in organic customers at a low cost. However, there are some Dos and Don’ts of SEO that most people are unaware of.

5 Dos

  1. Use Relevant keywords

While using keywords, it is important to ensure that the keywords are relevant to your industry. They should also match your page title and the content since search engine algorithms notice consistency. You can choose short-tail or long-tail keywords depending on your content and the strategy but make them customer-oriented. Use several tools to know about the popular keywords.

  1. Write Metadata description

Your description should be strong enough to represent your page content. It is the few lines that you see below the links on the SERP that describe what the content of the page is. When you include keywords here, they appear bold in searches related to the topic and drive in potential customers.

  1. Put external links

It is advisable to link your website with others but don’t link back. Google algorithm doesn’t support link exchanges just because you have a good network. They want the links to be earned by websites because there is some value that can be beneficial for the customers. Link exchanging can also lead to a ban from Google and you will definitely not want that.

  1. Invest in Social media presence

Social media is the new powerhouse. Websites will help attract customers but social media will drive leads to your websites. It is necessary for you to understand the relevant social media platforms where your target audience is usually found. Use those platforms and interact with the audience and update the profiles with creative content.

  1. Google+ page is the ultimatum

Many people consider Google+ as a social network but it is not. Google has publicly stated that if you’re not on Google+, all your efforts are irrelevant because you wouldn’t be able to get the desired results of organic searches.

5 Don’ts

  1. Stuff keywords

While relevant keywords drive you leads, too many keywords will make you lose them. So instead, use relevant and required keywords for each page so that you don’t have to struggle through unnecessary competition with other pages. It also clarifies what each page is about – both to the search engines as well as the visitors.

  1. Unnatural phrasing

Choose keywords that define your content. If your content is different from the used keywords, the audience is likely to lose interest.

  1. Ignore Negative Reviews

Most businesses ignore the negative reviews. This is the biggest mistake. Whether a consumer likes your product or not is entirely their choice and one has to respect that. Even if their review is false, it is important to acknowledge it. The visitors wouldn’t know if it’s true or not but they will always notice how you handle it.

  1. Panic with poor Rankings

If your rankings have suddenly started to drop, you must not panic. It can be Google testing some new algorithms or an update on your system. Either way, you have to keep working on your content to ensure your rankings don’t suffer.

  1. Making Assumptions

It is not advisable to make changes to your website by making assumptions or without seeking the guidance of an expert. Instead, you should always talk to an SEO expert and develop new strategies that will drive more traffic.

Over to you…

These are some dos and don’ts of SEO. To rank higher, you must incorporate guest blogging services. This helps to drive more leads as they are relatable and trustworthy. It adds more authenticity to your website.

Apart from all these, there are many other precautions and strategies that can impact your website’s SEO. It is recommended that you don’t take everything into your own hands and let the experts help you with the strategies and other techniques.

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