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Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, are some of the very first sources of information that clients and customers look at when making a decision to choose a company’s products or services.

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We guaranteed to help you suppress negative messages, promote positive messages, and proactively monitor your internet reputation. Don’t let a bad internet reputation or no internet reputation negatively affect your business.

WittyCookie is a full service digital agency and online reputation management company serving individuals, small- and midsize businesses with a complete range of online public relations, brand management and digital marketing solutions. Our extraordinary team of legal, public relations, marketing and technology experts have worked with some of the best known brands in the world.

A Trend To Believe Everything They Read

Due to the growing use of Social Media websites, the value search engines place on news publications & blogs, as well as a reliance on the internet for information, Internet Reputation Management has become a requirement. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, are some of the very first sources of information that clients and customers look at when making a decision to choose a company’s products or services.

Everybody Loves You, Nobody Knows You

The second major risk comes to companies that currently have a good online reputation, but are not proactively doing anything to protect it from future attacks. Without any ongoing online reputation monitoring and upkeep, a positive image can easily deteriorate and get tarnished over time, from negative material found on third party sources, such as social media websites, news publications, and blogs. It is much easier and less costly to maintain a positive online reputation than it is to save one that is on the brink of causing serious and disastrous financial outcomes.

Bad Perception

The final risk, and the most damaging factor of not having an online reputation management company defend your personal and brand reputations, is when an attack has already occurred and is damaging your image in the eyes of shareholders, employees, partners, prospects, etc. When someone Google’s your personal or company name and sees unfavorable content, they will avoid you like the plague. This has caused: investments to be withdrawn, clients to close current accounts, deals which have fallen apart and ultimately business that have failed.

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Elvin does a consistently awesome job with my Adwords Campaign with any budget. He is very easy to work with and is always reachable to address my concerns with his tech savvy. Elvin, has a first class operation that has gained my respect from my first conversation with him. I give Elvin and his team my highest recommendation.
Dr. Simon R. Family Doctor
Elvin is our go to guy when it comes to PPC and landing page strategies. He is specifically helping my new company turn a profit on our Adwords campaigns. Elvin is one of the smartest people I’ve worked with. He helps build financial models, put pricing strategies together, better understand our market, improve our sales funnel, and much much more!
Pete Greenhut Marketing Manager
WittyCookie team knows there stuff! They are professional, experienced and easy to work with. As a small business owner, I would never be able to compete online without the intelligent suggestions and implementation I’ve received from Main Street.
Vanessa Cheung Business Owner
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