5 Reasons Why UI and UX Matter

5 Reasons Why UI and UX Matter

Searchers abandon websites in as quick as 10 seconds.  

It’s barely surprising considering that there are thousands of things competing for people’s attention at any given moment, online or otherwise. But for website and business owners, it begs the question: in a sea of websites, how do you stand out?

There is no silver bullet solution to this problem, but you can start with checking and improving your website. 

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two of the most important elements of a website’s design. But most people cannot distinguish between UI and UX, or point out why they matter. So, let’s clear up the confusion and then talk about why UX and UI are important. 

What is UX and UI?

What’s the difference between UI and UX? Many people use them interchangeably, but they’re not the same.

User interface (UI) refers to the visual elements through which users interact with a product while user experience (UX) refers to the overall experience that a person has with a product. In short, UI is about the aesthetic elements such as typography, colors, and menu bars, while UX is concerned with a person’s use of the product. 

Think of UX as the foundation or skeleton of an application or website. Designers of UX always have to keep customers in mind, so that they can structure the site’s elements and components appropriately. Meanwhile, UI development focuses on improving a site’s presentation and interactivity. 

Hence, improving user experience and user interface are essential to improving customer experience and satisfaction as they browse through a website for information, entertainment, or a purchase. Well-made apps and websites draw lots of consumers because of how easy they are to navigate. 

Below are some important reminders for optimized UI and UX design.

Basic Principles in UI and UX Design

  • Focus on experience because people always remember how they felt while using an app or browsing a website.
  • Make your content easy to scan because most people only have the time and attention span for scanning, not reading.
  • Simplicity and clarity is the secret to keeping visitors on your website. In other words, keep your products organized and visually appealing.
  • Be creative— but don’t overdo it! Links should still look like links and buttons should still look like buttons.

Why UI and UX are important in website design

Now that you know what UI and UX are and you also know the basic principles of UX and UI design, let’s get down to business. Why do you need to invest time and energy in designing the best UI and UX for your website? Here are 5 reasons why, plus examples in the eCommerce industry.

Improve customer experience

Excellent UI and UX design provides customers with an easily navigated and visually attractive website. Customers will not only appreciate the readable font and on-brand designs. They will also find it easier to get what they want from your website. This positive experience will make them remember your brand in a good way, so they’ll not only stay on your website but also buy more than once from you, which brings us to our second point.

Higher conversion rate, higher revenue

Before your website’s visitors are persuaded to buy your products, you need them to stay on your site long enough to make a purchase. With thousands of websites offering similar products, how do you keep your visitors from switching to a different site? Customers will most likely stay on the site that is eye-catching and hassle-free. A 2016 study shows that a well-designed UI boosts conversions by 200% while great UX boosts it by up to 400%.  The bottom line is if it’s super easy for customers to explore your offerings, add a product to their cart, and then make a payment, then you’ll be seeing higher revenues in no time.

Saves time and money

Imagine how much revenue you’ll lose if your website is poorly designed. For example, think of users abandoning their carts forever if they can’t find the checkout button on your website. Poor UI and UX means you’ll need to invest in other marketing efforts, or you’ll have to call in developers often in order to fix your web design. 

Though it takes significant effort and funds to set up a good website, there are free tools that can help you create a website with excellent UI and UX, such as Prestashop and Woocommerce. So, take time to choose a platform and master it. Remember, efficient UI and UX design can boost your sales by making clients and prospects happy. More than that, clients will be willing to put in extra effort to make suggestions and point out features that you can upgrade. As a result, you and your customers will have a great working relationship and customers will voluntarily help you improve your website. 

Build trust and credibility as a brand

Did you know that the majority of searchers leave a website just because they don’t find the site’s colors appealing? This means that putting thought into your website and brand’s color scheme is worthwhile. Platforms like Magento are popular among big brands such as Nike because they offer unlimited customization options. You can also use the Shopify custom design feature to ensure that your website’s interface perfectly matches your brand’s identity.

Building a great impression through your website is especially crucial for startups and small or medium enterprises. That’s because if customers don’t recognize your brand and your website is cluttered and unresponsive, they will have more reasons not to trust you. On the other hand, if your website is organized and fully responsive, they’ll trust you even if your brand name is unfamiliar. Speaking of trust and credibility, don’t forget to conduct a website security check to ensure that your clients’ data is protected.

Supports your SEO ranking

Improving your SEO ranking is one of the most important goals for your website. UX and UI go hand in hand with SEO because the websites that rank higher in Google’s search results are those that users find helpful. Quick page load speed, responsiveness on mobile devices, and user-friendly URL structure are just some of the UX features that search engines use to judge your website. 

A Better Customer Experience With WittyCookie!

The experience a customer has with your website and products is enough to set you apart from the competition. Brilliant UI and UX design leads to better customer experience, higher sales and savings, increased trust in your brand, and SEO ranking growth. So, make sure to invest in quality UI  and UX design. 

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