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As a Google Premier Partner, we take a scientific approach to Google campaign management and deploy strategic budget and bids intelligently to best reflect your return on spend (ROAS) on paid ad campaigns.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the channel of choice for businesses that want to display their products on the Google SERPs to attract an audience that is ready to buy. Commonly known as Google Shopping Ads (or as Google refers to them - Product Listing Ads/PLAs) are a goldmine for any eCommerce business. Google Shopping allows people to search for products and compare prices through Google search. By utilizing PLAs, WittyCookie can help your business build search campaigns to create a faster and more efficient way of selling to these potential customers.

Our team works at a granular level to improve your return on spend (ROAS) around your best-selling products and most profitable brands. Focused in product level bidding, search query level optimizations, and feed management, we can set up your campaigns, audit current programs, and manage a complex inventory of products giving you a tangible impact on your bottom line.

Google Search

Keyword research and analysis is a critical component of our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service and Google AdWords Management strategy. The Google advertising network includes a variety of different advertising platforms, including; Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads and more.

google premier partner

As a Google Premier Partner, we will analyze your keywords, your campaigns, and your competitive environment to fully optimize your campaign targeting, detailed keywords, and device/demographic targeting. Our goal is to truly understand your ideal customers and help get your brand introduced to your ideal customers at the lowest cost per interaction. Our experienced advertisers tailor each campaign to your specific business goals based on the campaign type to increase conversion volume. We will create ad groups appropriate to your strategy or structure of your website such as themes, and products/services using Google Approved PPC techniques you can trust.

google display

Google Display

Display advertising refers to ads seen all over the Internet outside of search engines, in the form of text, image, audio or video. Through display advertising, you can enhance the performance of other offline and online marketing activities by allowing you to extend your creative messaging or offers and delivering them to wider audiences on the web.

WittyCookie works with you to develop ads that will resonate the best with your target audience and reach out to a wider audience. Through ongoing trialing and testing, our expert-level team will use a data-driven approach to intelligent targeting and segmenting your audience to spot opportunities to help grow and build your brand, product or service driving high volumes of ‘ready-to-convert’ traffic to your website.

Google AdWords is an ongoing investment. It requires constant tailoring, monitoring, and adjustment.

But how exactly do you do that when the internet is so large? How can it be done when there are so many possible searches? Lucky for you, Google Ads Agencies, like WittyCookie is here to guide you through the process.

Google Ads Keyword Research

It all starts with keyword research. Without excellent keyword targeting – as well as negative keywords that weed out incorrect possibilities – the chances of your Adwords campaign appearing at the top of the search results decreases dramatically.

Google AdWords Campaign

After having a better idea of the keywords that are most effective for your business, you’re ready to take on the next step. Let us help you design a campaign strategy that will use keywords effectively. We’ll help you figure out the budget and keywords you are ready to bid on.

Landing Page Design

Your next step will be to create appropriate Google ads landing pages that grab your customers’ attention and get them to commit to an action. Offering an intermediary landing page allows you to stretch your advertising budget a little further.

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