Parallax Scrolling Websites and SEO

Parallax Scrolling Websites and SEO

parallax-scrolling-websites-seoSince its first use in 2011 in a Nike website for “Nike Better world” by Ian Coyle, parallax scrolling has become a trend in the web designing industry. Parallax scrolling is a simple technique in computer graphics wherein the background images by the camera moves slower than the foreground images, creating an illusion of depth.

The observations and uses for this type of web design is that is t is defined as a design technique or trend; it is a technique that tries to accomplish 3D like effects, also talks about moving layers at different velocities. But it is even a paradigm that most of the parallax scrolling web sites are not very SEO friendly, especially a parallax scrolling for a mobile version is a strict no-no. This is because of a misconception that parallax scrolling is restricted to one page.

A list of techniques that can be used are listed below, these include:

#1: Using jQuery – One Page Web Design
This method looks into the issue of single page web designs that are using parallax scrolling and then change it a bit for search engines. The Jquery’s “pushstate’s” functionality is used for solving the problem. This enables parallax scrolling pages to divide the page into various sections which can be identified into SERP’s, each having a different URL and metadata. Thus, resulting in a single page being indexed multiple times and for various content.

Advantage of the technique is that it is a quick fix for a current one page parallax scrolling that needs the implementation of SOE. It’s an effective way for small web pages that do not need much of core analytics. Disadvantage includes the opposite as it would be bad for analytics and at the same time it would seem as a quick exit enter per URL with the quick scrolling through the website due to high bouncing rates.

#2: SEO Architecture with Multipage Parallax scrolling websites
This simple method involves initiation with the SEO web Architecture followed by placing the parallax scrolling design effects on every SEO URL. Advantages of this method counteract the disadvantage of the previous method as it is good for analytics and is easy to implement. Disadvantages include longer time waiting for browsing as parallax scrolling can increase the loading time. It can also seem a bit more interactive that normally. It keeps the design stagnant and even expensive as you will have to parallax for each URL.

#3: Regular SEO architecture and Homepage Parallax scrolling
Keeping the Parallax scrolling limited to the home page can be another technique in web designing as you can include other URL’s that are SEO- friendly and do not have any parallax scrolling.

Advantages of this technique completes the lack in the 2nd technique whereby keeping the website light and flexible and easy to design and affordable too. The “interactive” feel will be the disadvantage and it maximizes it and minimizing creativity overall.

The SEO and Parallax scrolling both are contradictors but if used well, both can bring a beautiful design to the web page and also it can be rendered SEO-friendly.

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