How to make a style statement with local web design company

How to make a style statement with local web design company


Whether you are a local web design company, a large online publication or a corporation, your font choice will have a major impact on how your brand’s message is conveyed and the emotions people experience from the words.

The typefaces you use must match the meaning of the brand. Some of the world’s most popular brands such as Lego, Coca-Cola, Nike and Universal Studios are easily recognized by their font.

When selecting a typeface for your project, take the following factors into consideration:

• Are your idea and site submissive or bold?
• Who should be impacted by your information-men, women, children or all?
• Are you relying on the typeface for show or to communicate meaning?
• What is the user’s initial impression when they look at your font?

Keep these considerations in mind the next time you’re on the hunt for an appropriate font. But first, consider how your font choice is making a statement in terms of influencing decisions, creating lasting impressions, etc.?

Here’s how:

Sets the Tone

Your font choice will reflect the tone and meaning of the words included in the composition. Certain font classifications generate specific “feelings”. For instance, cursive fonts are considered as feminine or are frequently used on wedding websites. If a website is trying to make a loud noise about their service or product offerings, they are likely to use thick and bold typefaces.

To select the best font, first, decide on the tone of your entire project. Who is your site’s target audience? How do you want them to feel about this project? Answers to these questions will help you choose an appropriate font.

Formal versus Informal

When you look at a particular font, you can instinctively assign it a formal or informal tag. A formal font usually has a traditional look and is frequently used in professional publications such as newspapers, books, and online research publications. A formal typeface is a good choice when you are trying to establish authority and credibility. Even a local web design company will use some script styles that have a formal feel but necessary for the purposes of readability, i.e. San Serif typefaces.

Informal fonts are distinct. They can include any novelty font, overly thick or round and bubbly. They work well for websites that are funny, light-hearted and designed for younger audiences.


It is strange to assume that fonts can convey gender, but they most certainly do!

Feminine fonts have thinner and lighter strokes, with many curves. Cursive and script typefaces are often associated with female-targeted websites. Even fonts with distinct slants, ultra-thin strokes or round letterforms are included in the feminine classification.

Masculine fonts have hard, sharp or thick strokes. Slab serifs and Lobster are often associated with masculine sites. For example, a local web design company that is setting up a site for an online publication that targets males will likely use Arial Rounded or Bookman Old Style.

Context also plays a big role in conveying gender. The words, as well as the color palette of the page, can affect how the font is perceived.


Very large or very small fonts will draw your attention immediately. Large fonts emphasize weight and importance. The larger the font size, the more your words will ‘scream’.

Small fonts are formal and used by a local web design company to draw attention to the design of the site. It is frequently used in secondary design components like contact information.

Although size is important, varying it has a significant impact. Use big font sizes for important ideas. Apply italics, color and bolding to showcase words that you want people to remember.


To create a unique and memorable project, use letters and convert them into an artistic masterpiece. You can achieve this in the form of a logo, customized font or with words that form an image.

Using font in a unique and unexpected way makes your design elements stand out. The words must be readable. Use this strategy sparingly for best results.

When it comes to selecting a font, you must pay attention to the message being conveyed by your brand and your target audience. Whether you are a local web design company Vancouver, large retail chain or an e-commerce site, your font choice will have a direct impact on how your brand is received and understood.

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