Darren and Mike Explain the Opportunities Afforded by the Shift to Online Commerce

Darren and Mike Explain the Opportunities Afforded by the Shift to Online Commerce


Today, the work landscape has experienced dramatic and perhaps permanent shifts. Darren and Mike have their finger on the pulse of these changes. The coronavirus pandemic has closed businesses of all kinds, driving business online. Many office workers, especially in the tech industry, have been told that they can continue to work at home indefinitely.

Many workers are doing their best to shift into jobs where they can work at home, where they will be able to take care of their own childcare and help their older children with online school. Since daycares and schools have been closed, even people who have not been interested in work-at-home opportunities in the past have been searching for ways to become involved with the trend.

People who are not able to take advantage of this work-at-home trend may be looking for ways in which they can work safely and reduce their exposure to the outside world. Online business opportunities can help a great deal with making a family self-sufficient and ensuring that they have plenty of quality time to spend together.

Darren and Mike, both experienced online entrepreneurs, explain how today’s workforce can bring exciting opportunities to the average entrepreneur.

The Shift Toward Working From Home

According to StatCan, the Canadian labour market adapted quickly to the pandemic. In Canada, up to 40 percent of all workers were in jobs that could be performed online as of March 2020. This number has only increased as of the beginning of the pandemic.

The capacity to telework varies a great deal across industries. Jobs in finance, education, and technological fields are the easiest to translate into at-home work. People who work in food services and hospitality, as well as agriculture and fishing, are unable to work from home.

There is a significant socioeconomic difference between populations that are able to work from home and those who cannot. Having the inability to work from home is generally tied to lower-income jobs. These people are also more likely to be essential workers, meaning that they are exposed to COVID daily and may have higher rates of illness and death.

People in vulnerable job categories may be interested in switching careers so that they can stay at home. The Canadian job market does have opportunities to be upwardly-mobile, but it may be more difficult for lower-wage workers to make the change to an online career. The cost of tech equipment like laptops and high-speed Internet services could be a barrier.

Alterations in the Online Marketplace

The online marketplace has also experienced seismic change during the COVID pandemic. Since so many stores were closed and people were nervous about exposing themselves to the virus during ordinary shopping trips, the retail marketplace largely moved online. People used sites like Amazon to meet their daily needs, especially where certain items like paper products and disinfectants were difficult to find in stores.

In Canada, total retail sales fell by 17.9 percent between February 2020 and May 2020, but online retail sales doubled. Retailers came to rely on Internet-based sales to keep their businesses alive.

How Entrepreneurs Can Find Their Way in Today’s Changing World

Understanding how the Canadian retail world has changed can help lead entrepreneurs to excellent opportunities. Online sales’ increased market share means that there is a significant potential for new entrepreneurs to enter the arena.

Setting up a new online business can be stressful and time-consuming. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to do their research into which products and services are selling best online. They should do regional analysis as well as comparing their products and services to the country as a whole.


One of the most exciting online retail opportunities available to today’s entrepreneur is dropshipping. Dropshipping involves selling products that a company never has to handle in person. The company markets and sells the product while a dropshipping expert, often in another country, warehouses, packages, and ships the materials directly to the customer.

Advisors like Darren and Mike offer assistance for companies that want to enter the world of dropshipping. Their system teaches entrepreneurs how to set up their online stores, explaining the best ways to maximize sales. Their company handles all of the details, providing a great opportunity to increase sales.

Riding the Online Wave

The world has changed permanently thanks to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Smart entrepreneurs are able to adapt to these changes, altering their business models to fit in with today’s economic needs.

All companies in Canada should consider moving some of their sales online. Even as the COVID pandemic eventually passes by, it is likely that the shift toward online sales will persist. Customers have become accustomed to the increased convenience and price advantages of shopping online.

Darren and Mike want to encourage new entrepreneurs to look into dropshipping and other models of online sales. When entrepreneurs move their jobs online, they will have more time to spend with their families as well as having the opportunity to work at home and reduce their exposure to the virus.

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