How Much Does It Cost To Hire A SEO Company Vancouver?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A SEO Company Vancouver

When small businesses recognize that they need to boost their marketing efforts by investing in good SEO, they’re uneasy about hearing the answer to the question tugging inside their minds, “how much will it cost to hire an SEO company Vancouver?”

The answer is not black and white but this article will provide you with some valuable insights on how SEO costs are determined. If you’re looking to improve the SEO of your business, you can always check google rankings for keywords, which could be of some assistance in making better digital marketing decisions.

So how much does SEO cost? It depends. The answer depends on the quality of SEO services you are receiving, the type of SEO operation, the context of your SEO campaign and where you are trying to target. Many people don’t realize that SEO has different costs around the country. For example, SEO in LA would probably cost more than SEO Omaha because it has a larger population and therefore has more people in the geographic area you can target. In a nutshell, SEO expenses fluctuate. Therefore the better question is how much should you spend?

Quality of SEO Services

Keep in mind, not all SEO efforts will be the same. A company might be offering cold emails, link-building, optimization, etc. at incredibly low rates while promising exceptional results within 45 days. Beware of such promises! These are merely signs of poor quality SEO with little legwork. Bad SEO guarantees nothing but a one-way token to dropped search engine rankings.

Quality SEO services involve quite a bit of work and effort. They entail multiple strategies such as the high-quality development of content, link acquisition campaigns, website HTML restructuring and optimization and manual research. It takes at least six months before you start to really get good progress. Although the time period might seem long, it results in a lasting growth in search engine results.

Due to the work involved, you can expect to spend well on good SEO, but the returns will eventually balance out the cost. This will not occur with poor SEO strategies.

The context of the SEO Campaign

One of the major factors that will determine which SEO company Vancouver you might hire is whether the company is specific to your industry, its position within this community and how much of the SEO budget they will use to create a campaign. There are certain specifics that naturally define a campaign such as the size of the company, competition within the respective industry, open avenues of growth that are identified and the current rate of traffic.

A reputable SEO company will use these kinds of details to understand the mindset of their client. It will help create a viable SEO strategy that aims at thematic keywords and possible areas of expansion to obtain maximum results.

A contextual understanding of the client enables both the SEO agency and client to create successful SEO strategies and devise accurate prices, layouts and campaign efforts.

Type of SEO Campaign (Goal Based vs. Budget Based)

The type of SEO campaign is a big determinant of how much the SEO efforts are going to cost. A typical SEO campaign is classified as either budget-based or goal-based. In a goal-based campaign, the clients pay for meeting goals that were created before the campaign started. A budget-based campaign entails a laid-out proposal that lists a range of services and strategies within the scope of the budget.

Which one is better?

At the start, a goal-based campaign always seems like the best solution. However this path does pose a few challenges. For instance, clients may have unrealistic goals about the amount of money they’d like to spend. Most expect 50% progress in organic search is easy to obtain. While it is possible to get such a high figure, the cost is typically high for such a high figure. To achieve this goal, the cost is higher than what the clients expect to pay. If the client is willing to accept that they may have to pay more, then your goal-based campaign will succeed. It is imperative that during the discussion phase there is an agreement in the cost of meeting those goals. This will help your goal-based campaign to succeed.

What about budget-based campaigns?

These have a higher rate of success because the agency has to view the campaign from the client’s perspective in order to effectively optimize the website and obtain agreed-upon KPIs. This requires a lot of trust on the client’s part as they must view your SEO team as an authority figure.

A budget-based campaign may fail if there is a discrepancy between what was promised and what was delivered. There tends to be an overestimation on the client’s part about the amount of legwork involved in this type of campaign. And when this occurs, a break in trust is inevitable. A realignment needs to occur between the client’s goals and expectations and what the SEO agency can do.


So what is the cost of SEO? The answer is not that simple. The SEO team at Witty Cookie offers both budget-based and goal-based campaigns with a goal-setting/KPI discussion. We will determine what those KPIs and goals and provide an actual figure that it takes to meet them. Our proposal will aim to realign your SEO campaign with your company’s goals and budget.

Get in touch with a great SEO company Vancouver today. Contact Witty Cookie.

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