Google Algorithm Updates and its Repercussions on SEO: An Overview

Google Algorithm Updates and its Repercussions on SEO An Overview
Google algorithm Updates
Google algorithm Updates

Google algorithm updates and its repercussions on SEO : An overview
Google adopted a serious attitude towards ensuring quality-content experience to its user few years back that led it to resort to the Panda, Penguin, etc, algorithms updates. These updates did hit the panic button in no time and lots of website owners did have to witness huge losses in myriad ways. However, they were not meant for causing any kind of panic, they were just meant for hindering the mal-practitioners of Search Engine Optimization. Google was simply intended to launch a massive clean-up of the Web’s ecosystem, but the burning question is that did this entire effort served its purpose well or go awry?

It is a known fact that SEO did emerge out as one of the biggest tech trends and in no time. Lots of service providers began claiming offering impeccable services related to the same trend. The quantity did prevail over the quality of the service providers, but a leading search engine could not tolerate the misuse of this trend and decided to take a strong action against those, who were dreaming about making moolah by fooling millions of website owners and surfers. Despite of issuing warnings couple of times when the mal-practitioners did not pay heed towards its warnings, it had no option, but to put a spook in their wheels by rolling out powerful updates. Nevertheless, it surely did result into a massive clean-up but at the cost of what?

It appears that this tech-firm waged a war against SEO as well, directly or indirectly. Beyond any reasonable doubt, personalized search has to offer numerous advantages to the target audience, but at the same time, it dilutes the search experience by taking away the natural selection that may prove to be relevant. By observing the perceptible aggressive attitude of Google, one renowned magazine commented that this search engine is trying to decline the popularity of search engine optimization. This comment triggered the endless debates about the war of Google and Search engine optimization, relevance of splurging money on this search result optimization practice, and the list appears endless.

However, there are two sets of the people. One set of people do justify this frontrunner search engine’s results and other set of people believe that SEO practices will be there till the existence of search engines. They in-fact believe that with the passage of time, these practices are becoming more and more refined and have indeed become more important.

Ironically, these updates caused a great damage to Search engine optimization fraternity, but only Google knows that how relevant they turned out to be. Those enterprises, which began dreaming about drumming their businesses by providing optimization services, but eventually were hit hard, are shying away from media. To put it in a nutshell, these updates have two sides of coins including showing positive repercussions and negative ones. Those, who were required to learn a lesson, they did and those, who deserved limelight are now reaping the benefits of being honest and giving more importance to quality and relevant content.

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