What Do Customers Expect From Any Ecommerce Customer Service

What Do Customers Expect From Any Ecommerce Customer Service


Meeting and exceeding your customer’s needs via customer service is the principal way of pleasing them and building trust. Customer service systems are activated when the consumer makes a purchase because this is the moment when they want your undivided attention. It is at this point, your customer wants to feel needed and valued. After putting the customer through the sales funnel (you can check out tips on how to build a successful sales funnel if you are still at this stage), your company has a golden opportunity to build strong partnerships, resolve complaints, ensure customer satisfaction, and work towards lifetime retention. In the realm of eCommerce, the need to be responsive to your customer in a timely and personal manner is even more important. For this reason, some eCommerce businesses may look for ways to ensure that the customer experience is elevated and put to the forefront of their business. Some may use product recommendation software in order to give their customers alternative options, to enhance their shopping and buying experience.

Keep in mind, every customer has his or her own expectations about what customer service should entail.

The following is a brief albeit succinct explanation of what customers are expecting from eCommerce customer service:

  1. Accessibility

Receiving complaints from your customers isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, if customers stopped commenting, it means they are losing faith in your business. Let your customers have easy access to make complaints. Design a customer service page with a minimalist design. This gives customers an easy and quick point-of-contact, not to mention an outstanding customer service.

    2. Customer Service Channels

Most customers today use multiple service channels to report issues they experience with services and products. By providing several service channels, you enable customers to contact you according to their convenience. Present several options such as phone support, email and live chat. Ensure your customer service reps are always present and respond to queries and complaints timely.

    3. Consistency

Even if you’ve made a good impression on your customer service skills, you still need to maintain it. This means maintaining your team’s stellar CSR skills across all channels. This ensures the outcome of the engagement is always the same (resolution/response).

    4. Knowledge

When a customer engages with any of your CSR reps, they expect them to have complete service/product knowledge. Imagine the impression it creates when a customer is inquiring about a specific feature and your rep is unable to answer or provides the wrong solution. You can expect that customer to lose trust and find a different company. To prevent this shortfall, ensure your team is well versed in your service and product offerings, including any updates, improvements and recalls.

    5. Demonstrate Care

There is the fortune in follow up”. This old adage aptly captures the importance of following up on resolving an issue or completing a sale. It demonstrates care and concern for the customer. In a virtual world, this is a human feeling that is valued.

    6. Quick Responses, Expedient Solutions

There is nothing worse than interacting with your customer to hear their complaint and not following up with a quick response. After the customer has presented his or her complaint, your CSR rep must provide an estimate on how long it will take to resolve the matter. Naturally, customers are expecting a quick resolution but being vague about your response doesn’t help either. Provide assurance about how you intend to solve the problem and how long it will take.

Providing effective and expedient eCommerce customer service is the key to the long-term success of any online business.

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