Top 8 Cool Advantages of WordPress Website Design

Top 8 Cool Advantages of WordPress Website Design

website-designWebsite is like an Internet address for a company and defines the interface it uses to introduce and interact with its users. However, the task of building a website used to be a difficult one for people with no coding knowledge but with the advent of blogging phenomenon, things became much easy. WordPress is one such tool which can be used to make your own blog, website or store without any coding or web design knowledge. You won’t need the use of HTML editing software at all. Let us take a look at top 8 advantage of WordPress Website Design.

1. No Coding Knowledge: You don’t need any sort of knowledge of HTML coding to get going with your new site. WordPress provides you with all the necessary gear to start building a blog or a site with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can create or add a new page and upload/edit images, videos etc. without ever needing to write a single piece of code.

2. Simplicity: Since coding is not required to make a blog with WordPress. it is amazingly simple to use. The user interface is very intuitive. It lets you create content, format it, edit it and start sharing it within minutes.

3. Great control: Being simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t let you control your site. You have complete control on what your content is and how it looks. Pages can be edited, formatted or even completely deleted with the simple controls provided to the user.

4. Customizability: With WordPress, you have the power to customize almost each and every part of you site. There are a plethora of design themes available to choose from which can change the feel. If you don’t like the way your website looks, you can completely change it as per you liking for free and within a matter of minutes.

5. Search Engine visibility: WordPress helps create blogs and sites that are search engine friendly. The simple code that goes behind WordPress web design helps in indexing the site on the search engines very easily. Besides, it gives you the feature of adding tags, descriptions and title which applies to individual pages, posts, images and videos. The use of tags enables you to use certain keywords for search engine optimization.

6. Plugins: Plugins help you extend the functionality of your site and add a new dimension to the whole user feel. There are many free or reasonably priced plugins available for WordPress sites that can be seamlessly integrated.

7. Expandability: There is no limit to the content; you can keep on adding to your particular blog or site. WordPress allows virtually unlimited number of pages to be added to the site without affecting the performance. This feature is very important and instantly apparent as your site and the users grow with time.

8. Accessibility: Since WordPress is a web based or browser based tool, you can access it from anywhere around the world. All you need is a computer with a working Internet connection and you are ready to go.

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