Boost your SEO: How to Effectively Use Yoast SEO in WordPress

Boost your SEO How to Effectively Use Yoast SEO in WordPress

WordPress is among the most common platforms used for building websites. While WordPress already has its internal controls that help its users in its SEO, there are many other ways for which you can further boost your WordPress site.

One of which is through the use of Yoast SEO. This article will help explain what Yoast SEO is, and how it can be the best choice for boosting your WordPress site’s search engine optimization.

What is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that has been doing its wonders as early as 2008. Yoast aims to help WordPress sites to have robust search engine optimization, assisting these sites to have better chances of earning the top spot in search results.

Yoast SEO is used by millions of users from various industries, and different size of sites. It has proven to be a useful tool to help WordPress sites, allowing it to be among the most trusted for over ten years now.

Yoast also has both a free and premium version, with the premium offering even more ways to help out WordPress sites do better SEO, as well as supporting users.


Boost your SEO: How to Effectively Use Yoast SEO in WordPress

Features of Yoast S EO

Yoast SEO is a comprehensive SEO plugin that packs a number of features which include the following:

  • Optimization of keywords
  • Change of title and meta settings on posts and pages
  • Import of settings and data from different SEO plugins
  • Editing of .htaccess and robots.txt files
  • Generation of XML sitemap
  • Verifying and linking your site with Google Webmaster tools.
  • Control of website permalink
  • Display of Google search preview
  • Control of whether or not to index sections of your WordPress site

These features will help boost your WordPress site’s SEO. So it is clearer than ever that it will help you if you have Yoast SEO in your website.

The following are ways on how you can effectively make use of Yoast SEO for boosting your site’s search engine optimization:

Yoast SEO Configuration Wizard

After having installed the Yoast SEO plugin, you should maximize its effectivity by configuring your settings. The easiest way to do this is through to the use of the configuration wizard. Through it, you will be able to have the optimal settings that will enable Yoast to provide the best results for your WordPress site.

Boost your SEO: How to Effectively Use Yoast SEO in WordPress

Yoast SEO configuration wizard

The configuration wizard involves 12 steps:

  1. Choosing whether to configure Yoast SEO or going through the Yoast SEO training
  2. Selecting whether your site should be indexed or not
  3. Determining what kind of website you have
  4. Defining whether your site is personal or corporate
  5. Putting in your social media accounts
  6. Choosing whether to show pages or posts in search results
  7. Identifying whether your site has multiple authors
  8. Integrating your WordPress site with Google Search Console
  9. Setting your default page title
  10. Signing up with the Yoast newsletter for updates
  11. Getting more information on the premium version
  12. Completing the configuration

SEO Analysis

As you start writing in your WordPress site, Yoast will activate its content analysis controls. Yoast’s meta box will show below the text area. It has many tabs where the first one allows you to optimize your content for a specific keyword.

But aside from just keywords, Yoast SEO will run you through some of the ranking factors of search engines, allowing you to adhere to them, increasing your chances to be on top of search results.

Yoast’s SEO analysis includes the following metrics:

  • Avoiding having thin content by having at least 300 words for a keyword
  • Adding a meta description that contains the keyword
  • Adding images that make use of the keyword as ALT text
  • Internally linking with a related page
  • Linking with other websites
  • Having a short page title
  • Making use of URL that contains your keyword
  • Dedicating just one page for a keyword, and not multiple pages in your site

The Readability Analysis

Yoast also has a readability analysis feature which aims to help make your content more readable. Readability is a critical attribute for your content and believe it or not; readability is not always achieved in the realms of web content.

Readability is very important as this ensures that you can convey the right message to your audience. Failing to come up with explicit content may confuse, as well as giving your site poor appreciation as you are unable to provide quality information.

It is therefore essential that you do your best to work on your contents’ readability, and Yoast SEO can help you achieve that.

Boost your SEO: How to Effectively Use Yoast SEO in WordPress

Parameters inside readability analysis

Yoast’s readability analysis involves the following metrics:

  • Using headers and sub-headers
  • Adhering to the Flesh Reading East test
  • Using transition words
  • Keeping sentences and paragraphs short
  • Limiting the use of passive voice to 10%

More Advanced Settings

Aside from the above features, Yoast also has an array of advanced settings that can help you make your WordPress site more SEO-focused.

Some of these are the following:

  • Search Yoast SEO allows you to set up the variables that determine how your pages will be seen in search results. Some of the most fundamental variables include the page title, the divider, and the site name. You can do this for your homepage, your pages, and your posts. While the default settings almost always work their best, you are given the ability to personalize to your satisfaction.


  • Google Search Console. During the configuration wizard, you are already given a choice to connect to Google Search Console. If you have not connected yet, you can do that using the Search Console section in the SEO menu. Google Search Console provides you with relevant information about your site, which you can use to improve it.

Boost your WordPress site now with Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is indeed a great plugin for your WordPress site. Since 2008, it has proven itself useful in helping out its users with their SEO initiatives. Yoast is a comprehensive yet user-friendly tool that can help you make the most out of your site. So make use of it today, and see what difference it can bring.

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