Benefits of SEO During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Vancouver

Benefits of SEO During the COVID 19 Pandemic in Vancouver

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the online world by storm and has turned it upside down. A new normal has been created in how people are searching the internet, what devices they are using, and how they are shopping online.and how they online are shopping. One of the first things you may think of scaling back on is your online marketing efforts or marketing budget, as this is normally the first thing to go once a business decides to cut costs. Although you may be thinking of lowering your budget for paid or social advertising, one thing you can scale up on is SEO and organic search. Let’s go through some things to keep in mind and focus on.

Discover How Your Audience is Searching
At WittyCookie, our niche is digital marketing for law firms, and we’ve seen an uptick in searches for terms relating to COVID-19, including the one demonstrated below from Google Trends. This is a very important tool for people and businesses to get real-time data and to see what is “trending” as the name suggests. It’s an easy way to see what people are searching for now and tailor your web site’s pages to fit the user’s search intent, buying behavior, and what stage of the sales funnel they may be in, and what stage of the sales funnel they may be in. This can simply produce more exposure on Google and boost rankings, leads, and eventually cash on hand.

Businesses Turning to SEO to Drive Traffic
It’s no big secret that organic SEO efforts are free, {beneficial highly, and help your site in the long run. For instance, let’s look at the actual term “Search Engine Optimization” on Google Trends. There was a dip in February nationwide, but since the COVID-19 epidemic, it’s only been trending higher and higher. Another useful section shows where the search term is trending.

New York was one of the hardest-hit states in the U.S., so it is no surprise that New York is trending at 100% for this term. Increasingly more businesses are searching how specifically to spend less on marketing efforts so that it is practical that probably the most impacted areas get the highest search volume. The 3rd screencap below shows a related term “affordable seo services” that just reiterates my hypothesis.

Screenshot 2020 05 08 At 10.23.17 Pm
Screenshot 2020 05 08 At 10.23.17 Pm

Organic Strategy Ideas

Pandemic = Scarcity
Let’s take it to the economics class back. Scarcity occurs when there is unlimited demand for something that’s limited in availability. That which was scarce when this all started? Wc paper! This term peaked around March 15-21, but has since died down since production was increased and demand was met.

If you sell a scarce product, utilize it in your favor. Focus your time and efforts on these types of what to capitalize on organic ranking, and create useful content around the products.

Capitalize on Online Shopping
Users are shifting to online shopping a growing number of since this all began. Many people are in the home searching on the phones for the merchandise they need. Ensure to concentrate on organic search/an online marketing campaign if you are normally a mortar and brick store. I also can’t stress this enough since it’s so very important to SEO: ensure that your site is mobile-friendly since this is one way Google indexes websites now.

SEO Efforts IS ONLY GOING TO Help in the long term Now
These simple strategies can help your site grow and get your name out there now, or more if you currently have great organic rankings even. When this all passes, you shall be in better form than you were before!

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