A look at Top 6 Trending Web Designs for 2015

A look at Top 6 Trending Web Designs for 2015

Top-6-Web-Design-Trends-2015Web designs change rapidly to keep in sync with the SEO trends, and to meet the requirement of the ever-changing and evolving consumer requirements. The task of a web designer or an SEO expert for a brand does not end with simply launching the new website. Keeping a track of the evolving web designs, and making sure they are a part of the existing website is necessary. Updating the website as per the changing internet trends will ensure high SEO ranking, thus increasing the demand of the brand and its services/products. We bring to you some trending web designs for the year 2015.

1. Usage of Google’s Material Design

A simple yet prominent change, this concept includes placing the most important element of the website at the bottom of the screen of any device. This makes it easily accessible to both mobiles as well as desktop users. This concept basically is a design language that is developed by Google to increasingly use grid-based layouts, animations, paddings, etc.

2. Responsive web design (RWD)

Picking up in terms of both its importance, as well as popularity, RWD is an important web design trend that is considered by brands these days. Making a design that is accessible to all screen types, be it a mobile screen or a desktop version – adapting to this trend is on the priority list for most brands. It is a sure hit this year.

3. Scrolls are taking over clicks

Long scrolling pages are becoming the trend these days. Offering the mobile users a web page that is easy to handle, and navigate is considered the best design for 2015. Since everything is right at the fingertips, scrolling makes it easier for the consumers to go through the wide range of products and services your brand has to offer. Let them do the research the easy way, and be sure that they will click on the desired products from your list.

4. Storytelling

It is no more of coming directly to the point these days. Make sure your website begins by storytelling and ends up to the product. Start your webpage by telling your consumers why they need your products, and how beneficial it might be to buy those products from your sites. Lead the way to your services or products, and be sure to get the right customer and an increasing sales ratio.

5. Animations

Animations are here, and they will strongly influence customers for some more time now. Make sure the animations suit your brand products/services. Entertain and engage your consumers by coming up with unique animated elements that will also be remembered by your consumers easily. Animations enhance the look of the webpage, and make it easier to navigate too.

6. Stay away from pop-up text

Pop-up text, especially on mobile screens can be very irritating. Hence, keep away from any sort of pop-up text. Keep the website simple and easy to use. Make sure there are no disturbances for the consumer while they are busy reading your website content.

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