6 Easy steps to re-design your website without losing SEO ranking

6 easy steps to re design your website without losing SEO ranking

Re-design-websiteMost brands stay away from revamping their websites as they are afraid of losing their existing clientele, and SEO ranking. However, hardly are they aware that an old web-design lowers down the SEO ranking, and might seem boring to consumers who visit it regularly. Since, Google algorithm for SEO ranking keeps changing, it is important that your website is continuously evolving to suit the search engine requirements. We bring to you some easy steps that will help you to redesign your website and won’t harm your SEO ranking too.
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1.    Get the right team at work – The first step towards revamping your website is to hire a team of SEO expert and web designer. There should be a right combination and contribution by both these team members that should go in line with the company management and their vision. Hence, make sure you choose the right team members before getting your website off the internet.

2.    Detailed evaluation – The most critical phase while redesigning your old site is first to evaluate, which of the pages in the website are doing good in terms of SEO. Thus, you will get a better idea of which SEO-friendly tools to apply and which ones to give away. Redesign the website in a manner that it stands compatible with the evolving SEO ranking of the search engines.

3.    Make sure the new website isn’t open to Google before its completion – While re-designing the site always be sure that you do not keep it open to be tracked by Google.com. This is important since Google, many times, penalizes for duplication. Hence, your old and new website should not co-exist.

4.    Make sure the designer and SEO analyst are in sync with each other – After the SEO has studied which keywords work for the website, and which ones do not, the web designer can place them and design the site to suit the search engines. The SEO analyst and web designer should work together so that a new design that is SEO friendly and looks fantastic and fresh.

5.    Develop a Responsive Web Design (RWD) – Since you are revamping the old website of your brand, make sure it sticks to the various necessary elements of a Responsive Web Design. An RWD is not only mobile friendly but also enhances SEO, thus increasing visitors that will subsequently convert into business.

6.    Test the new website several times – Now that your new website is ready to launch, make sure you check that all the 301 redirect pages are operational and open easily. Re-design the website in a manner that it is easy to access and quick especially for the consumers who have been using your old site too.
Redesigning a website does not take much time and is easy on the budget too. The content can more or less be the same, but ensure that the look of the website is fresh and new.

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