5 Magical Points to Give Your Website Top Ratings

5 Magical Points to Give Your Website Top Ratings

5-Magical-Points-your-website-top-ratingsWhen it comes to making a smart website, it is essential to understand basics of web designing. While most designers continue to use the conventional concepts in web design, the digital world has undergone a sea change in last few months. Follow these 5 magical concepts to earn top ratings for your website which in turn would help you gather customers and revenue in the long run.

1 Think regional, write global
Websites are a global entity. Once it launches on the digital platform, it no longer remains in custody of the owner or the company. Instead it transcends all boundaries of the world and remains a universal item. Web content with mass appeal are easier to search and hence figure in the top rating of search engines. They are optimally customized and the features are not limited to the regional level. While designing a smart website, it is important to keep in mind that stick to the regional flavour, but always write from a global perspective to earn larger customer base. Always write with standards of measurement set to conventional mode. Currencies could be in dollar or pound, mass can be in kilograms and unit of length should be metre or feet. Any other regional mode of measurement might render the website content as obsolete and might fail to achieve the objective of earning more revenue.

2 Always perform a spell check
Websites need to be free of any spelling error. Always check the name of the country, place, person and the product name. Verify it with the product development team as well as marketing personnel. Many people get offended with a spelling error and might blacklist the website altogether. One error can spoil years of hard earned reputation.

3 Ensure your links are not broken
Before uploading a multimedia file, ensure that the links are complete and don’t break. Broken links are a poor reflection of hastily designed website. Readers consider broken links as a part of badly maintained website. Always use validator for HTML and check the link using website health clinic.

4 Don’t overuse ‘Click here’ link
Always explain or tag the link as to here the user would be directed when he clicks on a tag link. Merely mentioning ‘click here’ could be confusing. Smart websites use creatively managed link tags to help the readers view other pages with ease and not create too much clutter inside the same page.
Adding underlined links and color coordinated letters can actually guide the reader in a better way than a poorly driven website.

5 Provide accurate ‘Contact Us’ details
Many websites are unable to gather satisfaction when it comes to providing accurate information related to their contact details.They consider providing contact details would lead to infringement of privacy and it would diminish the virtual gap existing between digital and physical entities. Smart websites build a relationship of invisible trust by offering excellent modes of communication. For them, reaching out to the customer is the prime focus and they achieve that by furnishing most reliable forms of communication.

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