Top 5 Important Principles Of Effective Web Designs 2015

top 5 Important Principles Of Effective Web Designs 2015

5-Important-Principles-Of-Effective-Web-DesignsHow a website looks is undoubtedly important, but another aspect that is equally or many times more important is the usability of the website. However good or attractive a website might look, if it is difficult and time-consuming to use, then the users might get distracted, thus reducing the popularity of the brand. Having a user-centric website design that caters to the consumers’ needs and requirements can be considered as the best and successful web design. We offer some detailed insight on some of the important principles of a successful and effective web design that every designer and brand should know.

1.    Answer all the basic questions that a consumer would think of:

A website should be informational, and should offer all the important insights a consumer would need when he/she is busy browsing it. That does not mean you need to dump in a huge proportion of content that the consumers would get bored or confused of. Keep it simple and to the point, and easy to locate. Ensure that the content of the website does not lead to more doubts or queries for the consumers, as well as offers fast and easy solution to the consumer’s queries.

2.    Ensure the website does not test a consumer’s patience:

If your website requires consumer engagements via a tool or service, make sure you include minimalistic requirement details. For instance, if it is a registration tool or a form that is necessary before the consumer makes the purchase, then ensure the details aren’t too tiring or boring for the consumers to fill in. Also, make sure that the website is easy to load, as consumers might get easily bored or stressed out if they have to wait for a long time for the desired page to open.

3.    Maintain user’s attention:

Websites these days are designed in a manner that they attract the user’s attention in less time. Be if using images, videos or unique graphics, ensure the website is eye-catchy and catches the user’s attention immediately. While doing so, take care that the website design does not look gaudy, and bright. Let it be subtle yet attention-grabbing. Do not make use of high proportion content, as it might be boring for the consumers to read the entire page. Let the content speak less, but focus on the direct message that the product or brand wants to convey.

4.    A good content is essential:

Don’t hit around the bush while trying to be creative and elaborate. Short and simple content conveys a lot, and is preferred by consumers. Get straight to the point and let the content be bold and specific.

5.    Keep adequate white space:

White space is essential for a website to look professional and attractive. Most people prefer not to keep much of white space, as they think it makes the website look simple and unattractive. However, white space these days offers a perfect layout that differentiates important and good piece of information.


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