Impact of Penguin 2.0 update released by Google: an overview

Impact of Penguin 2.0 update released by Google an overview

Impact of Penguin 2.0 update released by Google: an overview

If you were wondering that is Google exhausted due to launching of various algorithm updates back to back, this post may be of your interest. Google recently released its 4th Penguin update that is being given the name called Penguin 2.0. Surprisingly, this time the major names included in the loser list were from those websites who belong to the domain of porn sites and gaming websites. Apart from that, few names included in the list did belong to the domain of education testing service, jewelry, online news portal.

It is quite known to all that Google did release a Penguin Update in the month of April, in the year 2012. The main aim behind launching that update was to get hold of those websites that are believed to be spamming its search results. This giant search engine did especially target those websites that spam its search results by purchasing links or obtaining links via those networks that are designed mainly, in order to promote Google rankings. It is believed that the websites that were managed to escape from previous update, have been trapped this time.

Some online reports did share names of those websites that are believed to be affected most by the recently released algorithm update. This time as well, some names have come up. These names have come up based on some benchmarks that take a glance on the visibility of the web pages of a company website, when they appear or don’t appear across a wide array of keywords in the search results of the tech-giant Google. Nevertheless, if you are curious in knowing about a list comprised of the top Penguin 2.0 losers, here have a glance:

  • First of all, there are not one or two but almost eight porn sites that have been trapped by this latest Penguin update.
  • Thereafter, there are four sites that belong to the domain of gaming websites. Interestingly, three of the game sites are also included in the top 10 list.
  • Besides few porn sites and game sites, there are also included some renowned brands, in the list, who belong to the diverse domains including jewelry, online news portal, etc. Few of the names are, REEDS jewelers, ETS, etc.

There is a column on the right side that gives an inkling regarding the level of the Search Engine Optimization visibility, which a website has lost. However, you should not mistake the loss in the level of SEO visibility for the traffic loss. These websites may be witnessing a good traffic, but in terms of keywords, there could be high visibility of those that are not being tracked. As far as accuracy is concerned, it has been proved mostly accurate. As per popular opinions the impact of this recently launched Penguin 2.0 is smaller in comparison to what he expected. It is also believed that the update has somewhat failed to meet with the expectations. According to some experts, many thin websites and the websites, featuring thin links have faced the problem. Apart from that, there are also few small business websites that have been hit, due to the reason of not taking the SEO seriously. It is also said that that the impact of this update was felt strongly in the Germany; in comparison to it was being felt in the U.S. With the new Google update rolling out this could leave other domain names to become more expensive than others when compared the websites that have perhaps been penalized, you can read more into the potential cost of web domain names and also why domain investing, if done right, could be a long term investment that can pay off hugely.

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