How Ensuring Mobile-Friendly Website Experience Enhances Customer Base

How Ensuring Mobile Friendly Website Experience Enhances Customer Base


Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile phones are becoming smarter day by day & so are mobile users. They are no longer hesitant in using their phone for multi-tasking. Whether it is about booking a movie ticket online or shopping, whether it is about accessing information about tourists’ places or searching best dining restaurants, mobile devices are being preferred over conventional means. In such a scenario, it has become imperative for the website owners & developers to ensure complete compatibility of website with mobile phone viewing. If you too own a business or if you are a service provider & want to increase reach of your business, you cannot afford ignoring compatibility concern with mobile phone viewing. If you are keen to know about ways to ensure that your website becomes mobile-friendly, read here:

Ensure developing a responsive design: Responsive design may sound as over-used term but it is of utmost significance. This term suggests about developing such a website that displays correctly & effortlessly on all kinds of devices including desktop, smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. It is indeed Google’s favored method for developing smartphone optimized websites. This type of design makes use of CSS3 coding, in order to make the mobile responsiveness possible.

Dedicated mobile website: Few experts have even begun recommending a website design that is all exclusive for mobile users. There are already numerous websites that have two versions. One version is for mobile devices & other version is full-site design. Whenever a visitor accesses such a website, server recognizes whether the visitor is using a mobile device or a desktop. It offers the relevant version in accordance to the device. There are handfuls of reasons that encourages opting for dedicated mobile website. Full-sites are generally too complicated to navigate when a mobile device is being used. Thus, in order to ensure delivering the best mobile user experience, it becomes important to refer to an idea of developing altogether a dedicated mobile website.

Optimized full-site: Besides responsive design & dedicated mobile website, there also exists third approach. This approach suggests making relevant & feasible updates to the existing full-site, in order to enhance its compatibility for various mobile devices. You may use bigger buttons in the website & may opt for buttons in place of hyperlinked text. You may make use of drop-down menus. You may lay strong emphasis on simplifying navigation. You should try avoiding pop-up windows as they really irritate mobile device users.

Make best use of various plugin: You may resort to few excellent plugins’ that include WP Touch Pro, WPTap, WP Mobile Detector, MobilePress, WordPress Mobile Pack, etc. WPtouchPro may be simple but it offers easy customization. WPTap offers plenty of mobile themes. WordPress Mobile Pack includes two main features called mobile recognition & device adaption.

To sum up, if you really give importance to user experience towards your website, there are available plenty of ways to make your website mobile friendly. All you require on your part is investing a bit of your time & money. But, such investment will never go in vain.

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