Understanding Brand Awareness and SEO

Understanding Brand Awareness and SEO 1

Understanding-Brand-Awareness-and-SEOIf your company is not as popular as giants like Adidas, Nike or Pepsi, it is almost impossible that your product name is a keyword itself. Keywords are the most important element around which SEO revolves. The whole functioning of SEO depends on Keywords, as many companies have learnt when they found outreachpete.com while looking to gain search engine rankings.

Let’s find out how keywords work.

When your brand is not a household term, you use keywords that customers are using and optimize your website according to it. For example, typing Pepsi will lead a user to Pepsi’s website. However to find your website, he needs to type the more general term, such as soft drink.

How do we initiate SEO?

To initiate SEO, first of all we need to analyze our product and all the data associated with it. A professional SEO Company uses marketing software to find out important info such as the keywords, landing pages, blog content etc. This is how the SEO Company you have hired will make a proper plan and start working with the keywords, landing pages etc.

The balance between Brand Awareness and Keywords

It is an important task to take care of while doing SEO. It happens all the time that the most popular brand and keyword you optimized is something and the most popular keyword among users is something else. However, these things can be corrected easily and one can start optimizing the new keyword anytime.

Important terminology within On-Page SEO

Page Title: The title of a page is as important as putting the right keyword in the content. It is best if you use keywords in the page title, so as to make sure that search engine result lead the user to this page.

Meta Description: Search Engines do not use Meta descriptions. The reason it is essential to put a Meta Description because the users read the little write-up and depending upon which they open or ignore the page. It is important to write a relevant Meta description.

Headline: Generally internet marketers put a catchy headline to any web page, however it should be informative. It really works that way, when you write a headline with proper info. For example, instead of writing “Grow your business now”, you can use “grow your business with by using SEO”.

Design: The example of Adidas, Nike and Pepsi can be used again to explain how design is an important part of SEO. These brand names are their own keywords, because they are popular. Apart from their name itself, a large chunk of the traffic comes from their logo, symbol etc. It is important to give your brand/company a logo which becomes another reason for user to search about your product.

SEO is flexible

Even if your brand is popular, you will always have to make minor or if needed major change in our SEO tactics. It looks like you plan your SEO Strategy but technically speaking; it is the users who drive the SEO strategies of every company. It is important that the SEO of your company is fine tuned according to what the users are searching.

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