Top 5 Frequently Asked Question about SEO

Top 5 Frequently Asked Question about SEO 1

Top 5 Frequently Asked Question about SEOIf you have website and you want it to rank well on Google, Wow, Bing, AOL Search, Yahoo Search and other search engines, you need to start exploring Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. If you are simply alien to this terminology, then you might like to start with frequently asked question about SEO. There is a lot to the whole idea of SEO, which is useful to understand. But just like anything new, processing it all may take some time. It could also be worth checking out this technical checklist, so you have an idea as to what goes on behind the scenes of SEO.

There are many FAQs people ask about Search Engine Optimization, however in this article; I will try to cover five most popular frequently asked questions about it.

Q1. What is SEO?

SEO is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique to improve visibility of website in Search Engine result page [SERP]. The premise of SEO is keywords or phrases. It is a natural way to increase the traffic of a website by putting the right keyword at the appropriate section. When user makes search with a particular keyword, the most properly constructed websites for that keyword appears on the first- page or sometimes at the top of the first page of a search engine. Appearing on the first page of “SERP” can bring potential traffic to a website and can fluctuate the sales of a business for good.

Q2. What are SEO Services?

The main service provided by a SEO Service Provider is to optimize your website according to what internet user looks for and ultimately increasing the visibility of the website. SEO professionals know many different techniques and understand what is best suited for your website. SEO can be used as an effective strategy for people in a variety of different fields and industries. From dentists to lawyers, the importance of SEO is hard to underestimate. More can be found out about how lawyers use SEO by having a look at a site like for some further information.

Q3. What types of services are available in SEO?

A good SEO service provider will only perform ethical ways of optimizing your website which is approved by giant search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The different techniques used in SEO are title tags, link building, social bookmarking, web design, Meta tags, content creation, header tags, XML sitemap and attribution of images among many other techniques.

Q4. How to find good SEO service provider?

Finding a good service provider for SEO won’t be a tough task. The positive thing with SEO is that it is highly quantifiable and because of this you can check all the stats properly. Now research a little bit about companies providing SEO Services and see their portfolios. Do not fall for a company straight away which provided a first page ranking to its client once. You should look for a company which has a uniform track record in different point of time. This shows their skills even when Google changes its algorithm.

Q5. How long would my website stay at #1, if it attains it once?

There is no such guarantee, that you will stay at a position for a short period of time or longer period. You may be at top today and at number 6 tomorrow or may be at the top again. All you need is constantly work on your website and its SEO. Gradually better results will come to your business.

These are some popular SEO related FAQs and one can now indulge themselves in SEO and explore the whole subject properly.

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