TEDx Video: Reflective Art in Kaleidoscope Dance

TEDx Video Reflective Art in Kaleidoscope Dance

TEDx Kaleidoscope Dance Video

TEDx released a beautiful kaleidoscope dance video as an introduction dance to the TEDxSummit event. The ‘TEDxSummit intro: The power of x’ kaleidoscope video by TED and Doha Film Institute showcased reflective art to commemorate the event, making use of art in motion dance through kaleidoscope pattern art and rhythmic dance choreography.

Through this human kaleidoscope TEDx video, the dance video provides us with an amazing visual experience as it recognizes and celebrates “the power of x to multiple great ideas”. Making use of human bodies to perform the pattern dance, it truly showcases and represents the beauty of life and humanity – human art. Well done to TED and Doha Film Institute for this excellent reflective art; art that makes use of reflections but also makes us reflect as the audience.


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