Machine vs. man: What really matters for SEO success

Machine vs. man What really matters for SEO success

Do you remember the times when a website containing basic resolution images on your computer browser took forever to load? Yeah, that was a LONG time back. Web development was just making the baby steps on the Internet. Those were simpler, albeit slower, times indeed.

We have come a long way from that. Websites with just a single and long page of relevant info that loads within three seconds of clicking on the link are the shizz right now. Developers these days are working on even faster site load speed. We have dynamic apps that let you pay your bills, and order food and call a cab at the same time to websites that offer futuristic interactions with AI-powered chatbots. The web development makeover can only be compared to that of Cinderella before the ball.

Like every year, 2019 too, has brought on a world of development when it comes to the web. Read on, and you will find the 8 most significant trends that businesses must consider for their web development goals.

8 web development trends all set to rule 2019

  1. Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality trends

Gadgets like Google Cardboard envision a digital future. Companies like Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft are catching up rapidly as well. Augmented reality, virtual reality and the mixed media look at the futuristic interaction with websites using systems like this 3d visualization for 360 product viewing that is overlayed into the real world using a smartphone or device to provide the product in your environment using augmented reality. This will be useful for the likes of furniture on home interior design websites, allowing customers to see how certain items look in their homes without purchasing it, for example. Web developers can now provide an immersive experience to the visitors using VR and AR platforms thanks to the additional computing power that can be compounded into smaller devices thanks to the power of circuit boards from websites similar to

Hence, the way we designed websites is in for a huge makeover this year. Those digital elements that users can interact with using their Smartphone or a computer like Snapchat filters. Web developers should really amp up their game in 2019 to get things done with a more futuristic outlook.

  1. The rise of progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are, undoubtedly, the websites of the future. They function as a browser, a mobile app, and a website all rolled into one. They are designed to fit into the functionality modes of a native mobile application. Most brands these days have moved on to the progressive web app region. Gone are the earlier websites for it provides a much more dynamic platform to connect to the potential customers.

2019 can expect a marked growth in the switch from traditional websites to progressive web apps. They are directly linked to higher engagement and conversion rates. Progressive web apps bring you the best of both worlds, something that new-age web developers should be watching out for in 2019.

  1. New-age adaptability and design changes

The use of more images, visual elements, micro interactions and animation features reigned web development trends of the past year. Standing at the brink of drawing up a roadmap for 2019, we can expect a few more changes in design and adaptability factors. Web developers must come up with more responsive design features and play around with abstract geometric shapes that look cool on the Smartphone as well as the computer.

Users can access a shopping portal for jewelry, for example, through a number of devices these days. The design for each of them needs to be flawless. They must also offer top-notch user experience, or you run the risk of losing a potential customer (and many more in the future).

  1. Faster site-load speed and low code development

Page load times are becoming speedier by the day. With 46% of users saying that waiting for pages to load is what they dislike most about browsing the Internet, it really is a matter of concern for marketers. Using low code web development tactics, modern-day techies are going all out to reduce site load speed.

In 2019, it is going to be a leading trend in web development with more sites going the simpler and faster code format. Low code developments that are not too heavy make it easier for sites to load quickly. Hence, it is making the rounds as web developers are looking for more effective solutions to this problem. Low code development for faster site load speed is thus one of the key trends to reign supreme in 2019.

  1. The era of AI, push notifications and chatbots

Customer support and post-sales servicing are a huge part of the entire business experience nowadays. So it is natural that chatbots have made their ways into websites and mobile apps. AI-powered predictive analysis and big data management features enable businesses to customise the messages sent to the users based on the user behaviour data. This is a pretty awesome thing to achieve. The same goes for push notifications. Designing a system that has no place for human error and can be online throughout the day and night is thus a huge challenge for web developers in 2019. Gear up to overcome this hurdle, for this trend is here to stay.

  1. Animation and motion UI trends

Motion UI the next big thing in web development comes hand-in-hand with micro animation formats in web development. Motion UI and animation features are pretty familiar on the web by now. That mini confetti with every Congratulations’ we type of Facebook is an excellent example of the same. Web developers at brands like Facebook and Instagram are really pulling out all stops to bring about more interactive features using motion UI (like the colour-changing buttons on hover). These make the pages much more captivating than before. With a growing preference among brands to bring about motion UI features, 2019 is all set to be the year of web developers.

  1. Focus on single-page websites and apps

Want a more dynamic page that adapts itself according to its interactions with you? Well, single page applications do just that. For single page applications, the code is usually retrieved with a single page load. In other cases, the page keeps adding resources and codes as per the needs of the user. It is a one-page feature that allows users to stay on the page they have landed in the first place. Its a no-frills experience online. A time-saving initiative, users in 2019 would definitely love seeing more of those. Web developers, are you taking note?

  1. The JavaScript and PHP7 evolution

Finally, coming to the hardcore technical aspect of web development, theres been plenty of changes in programming as well. The launch of Micronaut ensured a full-stack JVM-based network for languages like JavaScript, for example. This year, it is going to be all about figuring in the changes and making all-around functions a bit smoother. PHP has come to be the most popular language for websites these days. With the launch of PHP7, web domains got revolutionized for sure. Trading platforms and cryptocurrency considered, 2019 is all set to be a big year for programming language evolution as well. With more and more people using trading bots like Crypto Genius to ensure that they can take full advantage of the cryptocurrency developing market. With the rapid changes and development in the cryptocurrency market, there are many who worry about when the bubble will burst. These investors try their best to prepare themselves for the off chance the trading market crashes. Seeking ways on how to short Bitcoin in order to keep their investments safe.

Parting words

Along with the ruling trends like AI and VR, this year is all set to become the first of many that see voice user interface technology coming into play a lot. New-age web development trends will slowly gain momentum over the year. So you need to be prepared for the changes when they take place. That is why this post lets you know of the ruling web development trends beforehand. You can plan and strategies a viable roadmap for web development goals for the current year. You will learn along the way as you experiment with designs and web development language trends gradually. Devise and implement better strategies that stand the test of time. But do not forget to watch out for the newest web development trends of 2019 meanwhile! Godspeed!

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