Mobile and Tablet Friendly Websites: Get An Edge in Web Presence

Mobile and Tablet Friendly Websites Get An Edge in Web Presence


Mobile and Tablet Friendly Websites

Advent of more & more Smartphones & other mobile devices featuring cutting-edge technology, has compelled website developers to re-imagining the game. Apparently, mobile users now prefer to resort to their mobile phones & other advanced mobile devices like tablet, etc, for browsing internet instead of resorting to conventional devices like desktop, laptop, etc. This growing tendency clearly suggests that a shift has already taken place in an approach in which websites are being viewed.

If you have an existing commercial website, is it mobile and tablet friendly? If you are about to launch a website, have you taken into consideration the mobile-friendly aspect of your website? If not, then you may be in trouble. You may lag behind in competition, because your competitors might have ensured that their websites qualify for being mobile & tablet enabled websites. If you desire to stay ahead of the pack, you instantly need to take required steps to ensure that your website too, meet the criteria for being mobile & tablet-enabled websites. Here is how you ensure the same:

Resort to Mobile-optimization technique: You need to make content more visually appealing for restricted screen viewing by making use of CSS in your coding. Trim down the image sizes & make sure that content & fonts appear simple enough, in order to enable users to grasp the content & image in a better manner.

Turn to Google AdWords: In order to optimize your image & content, incorporate the keywords that you find in your Google AdWords mobile search. However, merely finding those keywords will not suffice, you also need to intersperse them in a strategic manner throughout the web pages.

Try out Mobile Sub-domain: If you fabricate a subdomain all exclusive for your mobile site, it will make a prominent difference. You can easily do it via developing a subdomain txt files.

Preview website: After integrating mobile-friendly techniques & features into a newly developed website or after revamping your existing website, don’t forget to have a preview. Conduct test by trying various different devices & bowers, in order to ensure that it looks good on advanced devices & on conventional devices as well.

Develop an app: Developing an app for a website comes handy if a website is mainly commercial by nature. Through an exclusive app offered by you to your target audiences, they will be able to connect instantly & effortlessly with your products & services. App also takes the lead in storing the relevant information in one place & making the payment experience more pleasant. Be sure to take the correct precautions though, cybercrime is a real problem so having the right mobile application security tips should help you to keep your app and network secure.

Create altogether an exclusive mobile version: This trend is in its initial stage but it is sure to catch up more popularity with the passage of time. There are various alternatives through which you can create mobile websites. So go through them & choose the best possible & most feasible way.

In addition to above ways, if you offer a clearly framed Sitemap of your website, it will really help users of various mobile devices to locate the relevant information. There is no denial that in current scenario, offering mobile-friendly website to your target customers is a key to maintain your position & take your business to new heights.

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