IoT and new Vancouver SEO challenges

IoT and new Vancouver SEO challenges

IoT (Internet of things) is one of the tech factors leading the world towards the fourth digital revolution. It refers to daily items that are not supposed to be digital, but now thanks to WiFi connectivity they are. Now, even your fridge or oven can be connected to the Internet.

What apparently seems quite futuristic is actually becoming more present in our daily lives. Indeed, IoT is becoming such a popular thing not only in residential spaces but in work offices as well.

The reasons behind the implementation of IoT are basically money saving and the new uses of ordinary objects. Money saving is possible with IoT since regular objects, such as lamps or any other home appliance, will be able to switch themselves off automatically, this entails saving money in your electricity bill at the end of the month.

There are other ways to save money on your monthly electricity bills too. For example, the smart meter texas website enables people to review their monthly energy usage when shopping around for electricity plans. Ultimately, knowledge of your electric usage is a crucial factor in getting the cheapest electricity rate for your home and preventing any bill rises.

Besides money saving opportunities, what makes IoT hardware special is the endless possibilities, using regular items. No one had thought before your fridge could send you a text message to your cell phone, telling you what do you need to buy while you are at the store grocery shopping.

How IoT changes Vancouver SEO

This is one of the disruptive technologies that are challenging marketers nowadays.

In terms of Vancouver SEO, experts are trying to find out what is the path to achieving success by taking into consideration the drastic changes in the way people consume products, caused by these disruptive technologies.

For example, people are starting to use AI to buy products. Lots of people use Alexa and voice orders to buy products. This means marketer will have to see if there are differences between the way people search on the internet with a computer or a digital device, and the way they do it, using IoT.

Recent research studies have proven people use less precise keywords when they use IoT. People usually speak less formally when they use it. Therefore marketers need to make a distinction between more precise and formal keywords, and what is more of a casual conversation with an item connected to the internet.

IoT will especially have a huge effect on residential consumers. It is important your company makes sure your residential customers know they have the possibility to order your product with IoT. Furthermore, another specific trend within IoT is dash buttons. These buttons are connected to the Internet and to your Amazon account, and by pressing it, you will automatically order a product.

Not only residential customers are early adopters of IoT, but more and more companies are implementing it in their workplaces. Among other disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual call centers, and virtual reality, the business environment is beginning to embrace IoT tech.

People rely on IoT to do their searches, so they won’t even have to visit the website. If you are at the office, your printer can look up what is the correct way of printing a balance sheet. This is one of the reasons why organic click-through will fall, and the marketer will have to work to be found in IoT searches, rather than to optimize click-through searches.

It is for sure that as the use of smart devices increase, the battle for the first place in the ranking will increase as well. The companies should not settle for appearing on the first page on search results, but try to achieve the first place of ranking since the IoT will do its best to show the user the exact website they need, skipping the search results. While choosing your Vancouver SEO strategy, it is important to consider, that the way people do their searches will also change. It will base no more on simple keywords, but it will be more similar to a normal conversation between the user and the device since the use of voice search will be more common.

Finally, personalisation will be a key factor to succeed in the IoT era. Customers place higher demands on personalised experiences. They do not want to feel they are mass-marketed. With IoT, is going to be easier to provide the customer with personalised products and experiences.

It will be easier, because these connected items, will be able to collect specific data of one particular customer. Based on the information collected on the IoT device, the marketer will be able to use a particular strategy and to offer a very personalised experience.

Undoubtedly marketer will have to come up with different Vancouver SEO strategies, that will reportedly change the way people consume goods and buy products. Wittycookie, as the experts in the field of SEO, will help you to embrace those changes and start ranking in the first position of the search results.

Article written by Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual. Fonvirtual provides companies and entrepreneurs with international virtual phone numbers. I’m interested in digital marketing, technology and international logistics. I am a usual collaborator in blogs, where I try to spread the word of telecom services in international business.

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