Guide to search engine rankings

Guide to search engine rankings

search engine ranking

Guide to search engine rankings

Over the last decade the factors that contribute to relevant search engine results have changed in leaps and bounds. The content that is being churned out by these search engines has almost reached 97% accuracy in terms of relevance. It is still undergoing the change process. Once again search engines have proved that only change is constant in the world of SEO. If one takes a look at the last 10 years of the behavioral pattern of search engines he will notice a clear and growing change pattern. In this day and age one can barely justify the SEO investments that are putting into the website design.

Historic facts on search engine rankings

Whenever we put in a keyword in a popular search engine we get heaps of information. Sifting through this information and finding the most relevant subject takes quite some time. SEO experts constantly indicate the factors that form a wide range to indicate the search engine behavior. Content plays a larger than life role in giving the appropriate search results for the end reader. Currently the content that is found on most of the websites is redundant. The information one get from a certain blog or website is similar to any other on the internet. Today’s search engines have moved on from this quagmire of content and are now focusing only on the high quality content to serve the reader.

Ranking methodology on search engines

Ranking is now one of the key factors that have been incorporated by Google to strain the kind of content that is available. Ranking doesn’t end with the content alone but also the author. If an author is continuously able to sustain the quality of the content being written they can easily visualize themselves to stay on the first page of the results. Ranking again is based on content, coverage and socially engaging material. The top advice that any SEO expert would give is to engage the readers through blogging. The reader’s response is the only way to tell if content is engaging enough.

Increase visibility on search engines

Search engines, social media, and blogging are all in the same bracket and work in tandem for SEO optimization. Just a bunch of keywords cannot work wonders for a website anymore. Visibility is determined by the fact that how many readers do one has in his kitty. Social blogging and comments that the readers post are valuable assets to have in website visibility. An increased amount of readership would increase the website ranking alone. Just visiting a website does not matter anymore. The search engines also gauge how much time a reader is spending on the website. This indicates that there is something interesting on the website that is making the visitor spend more time.


While SEO and website design go hand in hand for the success of the business, there are other side kicks that actually play a more important role. Understanding the intricacy of these deeply woven methods would help one target the right readers and increase chances for SEO.

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