Fight For Page #1: 5 Factors For SEO Ranking In 2019

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Fight For Page #1: 5 Factors For SEO Ranking In 2019

Google ranks 1.8 billion websites every day using a complex algorithm that takes over 200 ranking factors into account. It’s easy to feel intimidated by the idea of ranking your page high among so many websites just like yours.

The good news is you can keep up with the race to Page 1 by keeping an eye on the trends in search engine optimization (SEO) to figure out where to aim next. If it all seems a bit much for you to handle then reaching out to an SEO Agency may be a good idea if you’re trying to grow your site. Although Google considers more than 200 factors, there are five factors you can’t go without is you want to rank high in 2019.

  1. Mobile-first website design. A few years ago, the mobile version of your website was mostly a suggestion. Now, it’s recommended that your website is optimized for mobile users first. Google says their algorithms don’t favor mobile designs over any other form, but that it’s their recommended format. Why? Internet users are most often on their phones when they’re looking for businesses.
  2. Page speed. Page speed has always been an important factor in keeping users on your page. But page speed has become increasingly vital since it became a factor for Google’s mobile rankings, and it’s more important than ever now that mobile has become the recommended format. That said, your page won’t make it to the search engine results page (SERP) if it’s running slow. Working with an International SEO agency can help you optimize page speeds for platforms that best align with your KPIs. Slow pages frustrate everyone but if most of your converting customers use desktop then it is important to work with experts that understand how to get the best results on that platform.
  3. Long-form keywords. Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular, especially what with home assistants coming on the market at affordable prices. Amazon’s Echo Smart Speaker just recently came on the market at its lowest price ever. And because users aren’t using their hands to type out their web searches, keywords have become more organic. That said, voice marketing is one of the biggest trends to watch out for this year.
  4. Backlinks. Like high-quality content, backlinks have been a crucial factor in ranking web pages for years. Google’s algorithm interprets backlinks to mean your website is not only a good resource but also a popular one.
  5. User experience. Your page speed and mobile-first format are only two features of your user experience. Also known as UX, user experience is a growing factor in SEO and is tied to major ranking factors such as bounce rates and dwell time. The longer a user spends on your page before returning to the search engine ranking page, the more Google will see your page as a valuable site. High-quality content is a great way to improve your UX, but you also want to optimize the architecture of your website. Good site architecture helps your users find what they’re looking for and also helps search engine crawlers find your page as quickly as possible. Your users need to be able to find what they’re looking for within three to four clicks. Install a site search feature just in case.

With hundreds of ranking factors, it’s important to pay attention to trends in SEO to keep up with the race for Page 1.

There’s a lot to consider, but WittyCookie can help you reach your SEO goals using the best possible strategies for your online success. To learn more about our SEO, brand strategy, digital marketing, or UX, contact WittyCookie today, the #1 Vancouver Web Design Agency and Vancouver SEO company.

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