Benefits of Online Social Media and SMO Marketing | SEO, SEM, SMO

Benefits of Online Social Media and SMO Marketing SEO SEM SMO

Changes in Marketing with Online Campaigns

Online marketing and online campaigns have seen a sea of changes in recent years after SMO Marketing (Social Media Optimization Marketing) made its appearance in the market and started nudging out the prevailing champion SEO. SMO and the concept of using online social media for marketing purposes was born in 2012, and shortly afterwards, the focus of user searches and search queries started shifting from search engine optimization techniques for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to optimizing web pages for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. But what exactly does the dynamic between SEO, SEM, SMO, and other forms of online campaigns mean for businesses and websites?

Online Campaigns Using Google SMO Marketing

The ability that social networks and online social media platforms have in allowing its members and platform users to easily share information at the convenience that it can was greatly appreciated by its users. As a result of this phenomenon, a great number of inbound links for particular pages with good social media traffic were created during these social media searches and usage patterns. The primary functions between the social media websites on the internet and its social media services versus search engines in general are not that dissimilar. But despite these similarities, there are also some differences that separate the two.

Is SEO, SEM, SMO, and Optimization Required?

A website owner always hopes and dreams that their site can be at the forefront of search engine query results for their given keywords. Given that there could be hundreds of pages with very similar contents, it is the ability to stand out that makes a page distinct. Effective use of SEO its proper implementation is a strenuous process that usually involves numerous months of work, but even then you cannot be certain that you would reach the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Unless you post high-quality content that is relevant and gives value to your users, the visitors of your website may not stay long on your site. Consequently, return visits can also be written off. The readability and sense of your content is also important. Paying for keyword search terms is not a bad idea, but in the vast expanse of cyberspace, there could be virtually hundreds or thousands of people who are probably competing against you and paying for the same keywords as you. But despite this competition, organic searches are not in the same league as paid services in terms of their ability to increase website visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) v.s. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The social media medium and platform holds an irresistible factor of enticement for users: their content, whether prose or photos, can go viral. Another equally important factor that favors SMO compared to SEO is the ease of inter-connectivity between the different members of the network and platform. The proactive sharing nature of social media can see a spurt in the popularity of a page. When considering this, the reward you can get is far more substantial than what you could get through SEO. But, there is a drawback though. Unless updates and new work is posted regularly and communication with relevant contacts is maintained constantly, people may lose interest in your page as quickly as they gained interest in it. These two activities are the lifeline of keeping a social media webpage alive and floating. If not maintained, your social media pages may go out of circulation fast. In this case, SEO and SEM wins over SMO if using that factor as the comparison. SMO by its very nature is confined to the social media platform in question, whereas SEO and SEM encompasses the entire cyber world through social engines. 

Use of SEO and SMO Together for Online Campaigns

The best idea is to employ both SMO and SEO strategies in order to gain a high visibility in both search engines and social media platforms for a holistically strong and connected digital marketing strategy. You can gain in one strategy what you lose in the other and balance the overall effect for maximum range and coverage. You could have a company that handles both SEO and uses keywords to reach out across the entire internet who also specializes and provides services in social media marketing. By integrating both these tactics together and finding a digital marketing agency that is able to cover all these bases, this consequently increases the potential success of your digital marketing strategy.


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