7 Benefits Of Using WordPress To Power Your Company’s Website

7 Benefits Of Using WordPress To Power Your Company’s Website

wordpress developmentWordPress is one of the most popular blogging software out in the market and has always been since 2003.in the past few years, WordPress has also become one of the most preferred content management software of choice for non-blogging websites. It allows for much more control and usually much faster loading times. For example, the Generatepress theme can load pages 48% faster when it’s added on. If you haven’t already, here are 7 solid reasons behind what makes WordPress Website Design so popular and why you must use it to power your company website.

1. Easy to use: WordPress has an intuitive interface and thus is very easy to use. Doing things like, adding new pages, writing more blog posts, customizing the images, etc. on a consistent basis can be done easily and quickly. This is because the technology has made it so simple and the time spent on formatting has been greatly reduced.

2. Helps manage the website from any computer system: WordPress is browser-based and thus allows you to use it from any computer system, anywhere, anytime. All you need is a good internet connection to login on the website and can easily manage then.

3. No FTP software or HTML editing software is required: The best part here is that WordPress is a self-contained system and therefore it does not require any HTML editing software (such as Dreamweaver, or Adobe Contribute, etc.). You can create and edit a new blog post or a new page, can easily format text, upload and edit images, video files, etc. and that too, without any need of the additional HTML or FTP software.

4. WordPress sites are loved by search engines: The code behind WordPress sites is very simple and clean, therefore making it easier for the search engines to read and index a site’s content, comparatively better than the other sites. Moreover, you can add specific and different keywords, title, and description to each post, page, and image. Also, you can also use primary and secondary tags and keywords to further enhance your search engine optimization strategy and efforts.

5. WordPress allows full control over your site: Thanks to WordPress that you now, do not have to wait for the designers to make little changes that you might want on your website. It allows you to have full control of your website, therefore letting you easily make those simple updates yourself.

6. WordPress comes with 100% customizable designs: WordPress Design is like the engine for your website. Whatever WordPress theme you choose or the design, it is 100% customizable as per your needs and requirement of the website. They can vary a lot from very simple, monochrome themes using solid white backgrounds and black text, or go in the direction of themes like Nanospace, which showcases darker backgrounds with more colourful tones. Through this, you can run your imagination and let your website speak best for you and provide a unique experience to your visitors.

7. WordPress help to extend the functionality of the website with plugins: WordPress allows you to add various plugins to your website enabling you to add different elements to the site, like an event calendar, Twitter feed, Facebook comment box, video gallery, Instagram pictures shortcut, and more. Did we mention many of these are free of cost? YES.

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