5 Tips enhancing ranking using Search Engine Optimization

5 Tips enhancing ranking using Search Engine Optimization 1

5-Tips-enhancing-ranking-using-Search-Engine-OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) helps market the website and makes it popular among the masses. Effective techniques of SEO ensure that the website comes among the highest rankers in the search engines, thus offering a significant number of users visiting your site. If the site is designed using the right amount of keywords and perfect coding, then it helps the search engines to pick it up from the cluster present otherwise.
It is essential to understand the importance of SEO while designing a website. In addition, there are a few easy techniques you can use while creating a website that is SEO friendly. Some are mentioned below:

1. Right use of keywords:

Most web designers use the pay per click (PPC) model while developing a website. It is a paid mode and offers high ranking on search engines, if you’re looking at using this method you may also want to research into tools you can run alongside such as this clickguard to protect from potential users or IP’s to fraudulently click your advertisements which could cause penalties. You can also develop the content of the site in a manner that is SEO enhanced. This can be done by using the perfect number of keywords and placing them perfectly. You will see a significant rise in the ranking of the website, with the use of right keywords.

2. Creating content that builds user interest:

An SEO optimized website is ranked higher on the search engines, which results in popularity among the target audience. The time a user is engaged on the website, gradually increases the page rank. Driving traffic to the website and sustaining it can be done by enhancing the website using discussion forums, comment box, etc. Add a live chat session to your website that will encourage people to write their views on a certain topic on the site or on your products. The more the customer is interested in the site, higher is the ranking of the page.

3. Using blogs:

One of the most efficient SEO techniques to promote your website is by writing blogs frequently. Blogs attract many users and also helps to proliferate your content since if the users like it they might share it on their social networking profiles. This will result in more user traffic. It is also advised to participate in other blogs and their discussion forum, thus making your presence felt in the virtual world.

4. Precise writing:

It is essential to understand that viewers reading on a website have a low attention span. They like to scan over the content rather than reading every single word of it. Moreover, long sentences or paragraphs can get boring for the reader, thus losing out on their interest in the content. Hence, keep the sentences of the content short and crisp. Moreover, lengthy articles or data can be cut short to bullet points or graphical representation. Using sub-headers and short tag lines can help gain the attention of the user.

5. Add transcripts for video/audio:

If your website content requires video or audio, then it is best if you add transcripts to them. Adding keywords to these transcripts will ensure easy and quick access to your website through SEO.

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