Trend setting web designs

Trend setting web designs

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Trend setting web designs
An average person spends at least 4 to 6 hours on the internet these days. We visit at least 25 websites on an average every day. From all the websites we pick the most discernible websites to spend our time on. Website layout and graphics and design play a very important role on the reader’s psyche. Digital design has become a trend setting fact in making a website look appealing and interesting. Apart from SEO in website design, graphics and digital trends also started playing a vital role. Internet is largely a user driven scenario. Here are some top trends that one would like to consider for the website.

Website layout
Website layout can make an interesting aspect in the gamut of getting hits on the internet. For example consider websites like Facebook and Pinterest. Their grid style layout makes it easy for the reader to sift through the information provided. Their seamless design brings up the most relevant information and is sorted out systematically. The streamlined way of displaying content is more relevant than being traditional. They are further made interesting by using thumbnails and small images that catch the reader’s eye. Information is skimmed in the most coherent way on such websites. The reader is able to directly click on an interesting topic rather than search for it.

Often times trending images catch the reader’s eye easily. These images carry an interesting caption which will capture the reader’s imagination. The more intriguing the images and the captions look the reader is more likely to visit the web page. Images always play an important role in connecting the content to the subject. One can get very crafty when producing images that will play on the reader’s mind. The relevance of a topic depends on what is being displayed. Bundles of text often do not make an impact no matter how interesting they may sound. Visual aspects are easy to relate than text.

Landing page
This page is the most important aspect of a website. It can make all the difference to a reader and if he/she will continue to stay on the website. The landing page should have images, graphics and small pieces of content that can capture the visitor’s interest. The landing pages of an average website today have several facets to it. They incorporate apps, useful content, downloads and much more. Gone are the days when users have to sign up to get goodies. The website these days are automatically designed to capture this data when a user visits the website.

Most websites have interesting videos right on their landing page. With the usage of HTML 5 playing videos have become easier. One do not need a high speed connection to use them anymore. These videos are displayed using YouTube as well. Using the advent of multiple technologies a website design can be made into a successful tool of business growth. The video may contain snippets, a PowerPoint presentation or a product introduction. It doesn’t matter to the visitor as long as it can be engaging. The key to maintaining high volume of visitors is to stay in current with the changing trends.

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