Top 6 Web Design Trends For 2016

Top 6 Web Design Trends For 2016


The prominence of web design continues to grow with the growing importance of SEO and online businesses. With the passing of each year, some new trends come in designing and they tend to dominate the website in large numbers of ways. However, in this article, we will look at some of the latest trends in designing some of which have been used and some are still left to be used in the coming years.

Here are some of the top trends in designing that can take the market by storm.

1. Interaction and communication

Content is the king of a site, and therefore having some amazing contents is definitely crucial. In addition to that, your site should be designed in such a way so that it is able to tell a story and interact with the users. The design should help support the story so that it is easy for the users to understand. In the course of time, the designs are becoming interactive to give shape to the contents in new ways.

2. Removing non-essential elements

Design of a site looks the best when it is simple yet attractive. This simplicity can be obtained only when the non-essential design elements are removed from the site. For instance, removing the large background image from the header can be excellent. It is often said that a clean and simple design helps it to stand out from the rest and attracts the target audience.

3. High quality custom photos

Adding images in designing a site certainly has a great role to play in making a website look more appealing and attractive. Using high quality and customized photos can take the design an extra step ahead, and it certainly contributes to the overall uniqueness of the site. After all, you know that no other site will use similar photos.

4. Using large typography

Typography occupies an important part in designing. Larger headings and typographic can attract the attention of the SEO crawlers and the target audiences. After all, it plays a role in making a crisp and clear visual statement that does not go unnoticed. It can even enhance he visual appeal of the entire page by grabbing the attention.

5. App like menus

For some time now, responsive web design has acquired an important place. In the recent times, most website designs are emphasized on making the site look great on both desktop and mobile devices. Thus, the design elements used for this purpose have helped lots of site owners in achieving success.

6. Main menus are hidden

Increasing numbers of sites are making attempts in hiding the main menus, and these menus become visible only when the visitor is ready to explore the site and clicks on the icon. This is also a technique of responsive web design, and it results in the overall success of the site. This also helps in keeping the design of the site clean and functional in large numbers of ways.

Following these design trends will certainly help in achieving success for your site.

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