Social Media Contest? What Lies In It For Your Brand?

Social Media Contest What Lies In It For Your Brand

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The success of your social media campaign will no longer be measured by the number of people who follow you, rather the number of users who engage with your brand throughout. Social media contests are a novel way of getting your brand in the spotlight of possible customers.

Contests used to be spam-filled promotions with companies attempting to pass out high ticket prizes to attract customers. Today contests have developed into omni-channel advertising opportunities for companies who want to increase their online popularity and develop brand recognition.

So what can a social media contest do for your brand?

With each viral campaign that bombards our senses, it becomes very apparent how beneficial social media sweepstakes can be.

A social media contest can:

#1 Provide Brand Engagement

Who likes your pages no longer matters. What does count is the number of readers your posts are touching and who is interacting with the content you are publishing. Brand engagement is the only measure that matters. Running a social media contest is the only way to augment your engagement opportunities.

#2 Offers Remarketing Opportunities

While hosting your contest, you’ll be requesting participants to enter their contact information and identifying details such as age, name, email address, etc. With a simple email address you can open up new marketing opportunities in the future. With participants’ contact information, you can create an email list based on people who participated in the sweepstakes. This can form the basis of commonality when you interact with them after the contest runs its course. If you’re interested in other methods of remarketing to get people who have already with your website or your ads to return to you, you might want to check out Google Ads Remarketing.

#3 Increases Brand Assets

As you engage with your participants via user-generated content, you will gather several brand assets which feature honest interactions that customers have had with your company. With the participant’s permission, you may advertise this content across numerous marketing platforms. For example, use photos from photo-sharing contests on your social media posts or blog.

#4 Promotes Cross-Channel Brand Promotions

The ultimate goal of your social media contest is to extend your brand’s reach while generating awareness. For example, if there is a chance that your contest might get featured in the news then your PR team must be ready to act. In fact, it would be ideal if your PR department supports your campaign efforts throughout and is directly involved in pre and post promotional activities.

To create a successful omni-channel campaign, your team must push its promotional efforts across numerous marketing channels. For example, even if your contest is based on Facebook, encourage users on Twitter and Instagram to participate. This effort encourages visitors to navigate through different social media pages to engage with your brand.

Let us help you run your next social media contest. Get in touch with Witty Cookie today.

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