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Small Business Web Designs Tips for Small Businesses

Importance of Online Presence for Small Businesses

An online presence is crucial to a small business, but getting it wrong can do more damage than good. Small businesses often struggle with adapting to the fast-paced digital competition that currently exists in the online world as they try to survive in the market. In the highly saturated and competitive market, a good website is essential in building a strong brand identity and image for your company. This is why customized and specialized web design services for small businesses are often needed in order to prevent bad business websites for microenterprises. Companies with bad websites, especially for micro-companies,  are doing more bad than they are good.

The Current State of Small Business Web Designs

Despite having a lot of enthusiasm to get online, a vast majority of microbusinesses are using sites that are based on out-of-date technology. A worrying 80% of such websites do not match the standards of the dynamic digital age we live in today as many tend to be “static” – only having around 5 pages that don’t have proper content management. As a result, these sites are unable to perform essential marketing tasks such as posting content, photos, and customer testimonials. 

For most microbusinesses, their site ranks very low on Google, and even when they do attract visitors, they rarely convert them to paying customers as they project a poor image online. These businesses are effectively operating offline and are missing huge opportunities for conversion and growth. Specialized web design services for small businesses can help with this.

The Importance of SEO Optimization

With around 1.18 billion websites in the world and with 10,500 new websites being created every hour, it is essential to make your website visible to customers. One way to do this is to increase your SEO ranking, meaning to increase your website’s position in a search engine’s results page (the most influential search engine being Google). This therefore showcases the importance of SEO optimization as simply creating a nice looking website is not enough to help improve customer conversion rates and increase revenue. Success in making a small business website design comes from using aesthetics as well as analytics.

Easy Website Tips for Small Businesses

1. Dynamic and Updated Content

A website with dynamic and up-to-date content will be more relevant to users, giving them more reason and interest in repeating their visit to your website. Some ways to make your website more exciting and engaging include different forms of media on your website (e.g. videos, embedded posts), special deals and promotions, as well as adding updated testimonials to provide credibility and brand reliability.

2. Professional Design

First impressions count for all sites, whether for a multi-billion conglomerate, or for a local business website. A professionally designed website with a professional image makes all the difference. In terms of the design, it is important to stick to a color palette that represents your brand. Be cautious about using too many colors as this can make your website look chaotic and unorganized. 

3. High Quality Images and Marketing Assets

Another way to ensure that your site looks professional is to use high quality images. Pictures of your products and services should clearly showcase what you can offer to customers. Using high quality and aesthetically pleasing images also increase your chances of your business being noticed on image-heavy media sites such as Pinterest.


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