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Small Business Growth Tips Sustainable Business Growth

Starting a New Business Venture

Launching new ventures and starting a new business venture can be a tough journey, and stabilizing your business in a successful position can be even tougher. As a new venture group, you might find that money drains quickly at the start, but with strategy and grit and the proper knowledge and tips, there are hopes that you can breakeven and create revenue and profit in the future. To give your business ventures the greatest chance of success in the market, here are 5 small business growth tips and principles to keep in mind when striving to grow business and small startups.

Small Business Growth Tips

1. Timing is Everything

Our first tip to share is that it is essential to analyze and choose the proper timing to release your product or service to the marketplace. The consumers in your market must be in the proper place mindset to accept your business idea and services. For example, the health and wellness market has been on an increase in recent years and the dietary trend of veganism has been gaining popularity, but this was not the case a few decades back. 

In terms of timing, you can either wait for the market and their preferences to catch up to your service (where you would need to have the appropriate resources to survive until then while also accepting the risk of emerging competition in the future), or you can adjust your offering to something more palatable to the market’s current readiness. Our advice is that if you decide to release your business before the market is ready (e.g. when you are way ahead of the market), you must possess the drive and willingness to sacrifice in order to make that product or service work and focus on survival before growth.

Small startups have the advantage of being able to make decisions and implement changes without the exhaustive and extensive process that often slows down the operations of large corporations. It is important for businesses to be able to anticipate and forecast market trends and conditions, as well as the needs and pain points of customers in order to be able to innovate and successfully stay ahead of the competition. This requires leadership that is agile, resilient, and has the ability to quickly reflect on previous mistakes and failure in order to adapt and move forward.

2. Creating Brand Equity

Our second tip: Market competitiveness requires businesses to be able to create positive experiences and memories for customers in order to be able to grow brand loyalty in order to retain customers, as well as to increase the rate of customer acquisition for the sake of expanding your customer base. If not, then customers will turn to the services and products provided by competitors as they are left unsatisfied by the products and services at your company. If you want to create a successful and scalable business, it is essential that you understand how crucial it is for you to build and grow brand equity. The emotional attachment that links customers to your product translates into sustainable growth for your business.

Here are some tips to help you in creating brand equity for your business:

  • Choose a target audience: The surest road to product failure is to try to be all things to all people.
  • Connect with the public: Your objective is to make your audience feel an emotional attachment to your brand. Ways to connect with the public include social media marketing, having recognizable and relatable business branding, and having a website that resonates with your audience.
  • Inspire and influence your audience: An inspirational brand message is far more influential than one that just highlights product feature functions.
  • Reinforce the brand image within your company: Make sure employees at every level of your organization work and behave in a way that reinforces your brand image. Build your brand from the inside out.

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3. Scalable Business Plan

Our third tip: Creating a unique product and a unique brand isn’t enough. It takes repeatable sales processes to create a scalable business model to maintain sustainable business growth for long-term success. It is one thing to simply sign up a few customers and another thing to be able to identify, design, and implement a scalable business plan that creates repeatable sales and retains customers for future business and conversion opportunities. For business security, scalable startup entrepreneurship is the way to go. Some signs to show that you have created a repeatable and scalable business plan and model include:

  1. You can add new hires at the same productivity level as yourself or your sales leader.
  2. You can increase your number of customer leads on a consistent basis.
  3. You can consistently forecast your sales conversion rate and projected revenue.
  4. Your cost to acquire a new customer is significantly less than the amount you can earn from that customer over time.
  5. Your customers get the right product in the right place at the right time.

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4. Embrace Technology for Growth

64% of respondents of a recent Small Business Owner Survey performed by the Bank of America (BofA) said they wish they took better advantage of technology innovations to help manage their business. If a small business identifies a need in their business, an appropriate technology tool likely exists to be able to fulfill and resolve that need. In an age where technology is massively integrated into daily life, the barrier of entry and time needed to implement new technology into a company’s business model is now quicker than ever before. It comes down to creating the right internal company and operating blueprint that connects the dots between your business model and the application of accessible technologies. Finding ways to use technology to better a business is vital to succeed in today’s fast paced world. Integrating technology into our lives isn’t just a tip for business and company growth, but also a general tip for making life in general easier.

5. De-Stress For Success.

According to a recent Small Business Owner Survey performed by the Bank of America (BofA), most small business owners consider managing the ongoing success of their business to be twice as stressful as maintaining a healthy relationship with a spouse or partner, nearly three times as stressful as raising children, and more than four times as stressful as managing their own personal finances. The survey indicates that owners of small startups routinely forgo physical fitness and other personal priorities to keep up with business demands. 38% of small business owners simultaneously maintain full or part-time jobs while running their own business.

The stressors can be relentless. But, it is important to prioritize your own health and mindset because if you’re not happy, healthy, and motivated, it will be hard for you to create a business that provides a positive market experience for your customers. As well as impacting your external customers, you also affect the internal state of your business – nobody wants to work for a negative, bitter, and exhausted business owner, moreless invest their time and effort in the company in hopes for business growth. As a result, investing the time and effort to adequately take care of your physical and mental well-being will further increase your chances for long-term success. Mental health is not just about going to the gym to let off steam; it’s about achieving a state of mental calmness to see you through the relentless challenges to come. 

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