Search Engine Marketing Costs | Why Do SEO?

Search Engine Marketing Costs Why Do SEO

Search Engine Optimization PricingWhy Do SEO?

Despite knowing the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), many are intimidated by the thought of optimizing their website as they presume it to be expensive while also not really knowing what it is and what justifies search engine marketing costs and seo service pricing. Just what is SEO? Why does SEO matter? Why choose SEO? And why should you commit to the SEO investment? In this article, we will discuss what justifies search engine optimization pricing and why it is vital for your website.

Search Engine Marketing Costs

1. SEO Takes Expertise

Did you know that in 2020, Google confirmed to have released over 4,500 changes to their search engine algorithm? Being the most frequently used search engine worldwide, it is vital for your website to be visible and optimized for the correct search engines to have any hopes of traffic and user engagement, and in this case, it is vital that your website is optimized for Google. Given the frequency of these algorithmic changes, it is often hard for website holders and business owners to be able to stay updated with these highly frequent alterations to the algorithm while also keeping balanced with their other life responsibilities, jobs, and duties.

As well as staying updated with the latest search engine algorithm, SEO experts often times also understand the technicalities and structure of how a website is built, meaning they can enhance the website itself in the form of content optimisation through making use of specific keywords to boost the website’s content, as well as other “onsite SEO factors”. This consequently adds to the amount and type of skills needed in order to fully make use of the benefits that come with properly and expertly done search engine optimization.

2. SEO Takes Time

Because of the sheer number of competitor websites that your website is competing against for good search engine visibility and rank, it can take months to see the results of your SEO efforts. This is especially true for new websites that have no link equity. Oftentimes you are competing against websites from big brands that already have stable longevity and user traffic, both of which are significant factors in determining a website’s ranking. As a result, a new website might not see results until after 6 to 12 months of initial website release and SEO building when you paid your initial website development fees. During these 6 to 12 months, you have to be actively promoting your websites while constantly updating your content for SEO and making the appropriate changes in order to obtain a good spot and rank high on search engines.

3. SEO Maintenance

By Googling a simple phrase such as “Vancouver Website Design”, you can easily see the vast amount of results and pages you can index for that phrase. Unless you Google an incredibly niche or long phrase, it is easy to get millions of pages indexed for your searched phrases. Through this, you can see that there are a lot of websites competing against each other to achieve high ranks for their desired keywords and search phrases. As a result, you have to think of your website as a product in terms of how to retain and build your website competitiveness, consequently resulting in SEO maintenance and website upkeep costs. You have to constantly monitor your website analytics, respond to changes to consumer trends, and update your website to match the latest SEO algorithm. All of these efforts are to help you rank higher and become more visible to your desired target market and target audience. This will consequently help to achieve a higher potential of increasing your traffic and will likely increase your likelihood of converting that traffic into important leads and future customers.


In conclusion, all of these factors together combine to justify search engine optimization pricing and search engine marketing costs. But despite this expense, the value of being search engine optimized cannot be overstated as it is directly related to the success, visibility, and traffic of your website.

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