McDonald’s Advert: Bus Station Ad

McDonald’s Advert Bus Station Ad

Clever McDonalds Bus Station Ad

This clever McDonalds advert, or ‘Maccas’ ad in Australia (where this advertisement is situated), has caught our attention as a great bus station ad and as an example for smart shelter advertising.

We wanted to commend this particular McDonalds advert for being a particularly innovative and creative advertising effort as it uses the environment of the transit shelter where this McDonalds print ad is located to highlight the messaging of the advertisement. This ‘Maccas’ advertisement for their “Open All Night” campaign uses the environment and its natural decline in sunlight overtime to showcase the true potential of the bus shelter ad as the McDonalds advertisement reflects off the back of the transit shelter at night – consequently relating to its promotional message.

Important Rule in Marketing

This exemplifies one major rule in marketing: Always understand your messaging and intent before starting your marketing campaign. This rule and principle should be applied to all marketing campaigns and efforts, whether on simple bus stop ads such as this mcdonalds advert, print advertisements in magazines, or on large billboards in New York City.

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