How to Increase Website Engagement | UI UX Psychology

How to Increase Website Engagement UI UX Psychology

Importance of Increasing Website Engagement

Understanding how to increase website engagement is key in succeeding against competition, especially with the rise in digitalization whereby competition amongst websites increases everyday. While the total number of website visitors to your website is still important, it is even more important to understand how to increase the level of user engagement on your site in order to make those visits count!

UI UX Psychology

An engaging website can be made by using UI UX psychology in web design where the study of the human mind, especially those relating to behaviour and perception, is applied to create the optimal website. If you aren’t familiar with the differences between UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), check out our blog post on the differences between UI and UX.

Neuro Web Design

One methodology of UI UX psychology is called “Neuro Web Design”. This methodology applied the concepts of neuroscience, motivation, and instinct into how to design a good website by using and applying web design psychology. Neuro Web Design explains how emotions affect our decisions, as well as how to apply persuasion and emotion in design to best attract customers to increase user engagement.

Emotion in Design

A great web design involves using psychological aspects that provide a user to act on the products and/or services that you are prompting them to buy. While making sure your website flows properly with all the proper web design techniques and principles, you should also apply emotion in design and consequently in your websites. A well designed website comes from not only the technical nature and functionality of the website, but also how it influences and persuades, sparks emotions, and gains the trust of its users. Your brand is an entity that needs to create a connection with your customers and community. An engaging website is not just an effective marketing tool to boost your competitive advantage against competition, but it is also a medium that reflects the personality, persona, and values of your brand.

For more on how to make your website more engaging, check out this YouTube Video by Human Factors International discussing “7 principles that make your website more engaging”.

For emotion design examples as well as for more reading on the use and effect of emotion in design, check out this article by Usersnap!

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