How to Become a Web Developer | Skills Required for Web Designer

How to Become a Web Developer Skills Required for Web Designer

Skills Required for Web Designer

There are a lot of web designers out there. How do you know that the one you’re thinking about hiring is a great one? 

There are many different qualities to look for in good web designers, or even just qualities of a good graphic designer in general. This includes the designer being able to design with UX business goals in mind, them being able to create  functional websites as well as good looking websites, having a clear design process, etc. Here are 10 characteristics to look for when choosing the perfect designer for you.

1. They’re great listeners

One of the most important skills required for a web designer is the ability to listen and understand what your needs are. A skilled designer is able to figure out what you’re talking about even if you don’t. They also know the right questions to ask in order to dig deeper into what you want and need.

2. They respect your ideas

A great designer is always open to hearing about any ideas that you might have. They encourage you to share your ideas with them and, if possible, integrate them into the design. They also respect you well enough to explain why an idea wouldn’t work and can do so in a manner that neither belittles or embarrasses you.

3. They communicate well

As well as the ability to listen, the ability to communicate well is another characteristic of a great web designer. They should be able to explain web terminology and technologies in your choice of language.

4. They are well versed in internet and web technologies

The best web designers are knowledgeable and proficient in the technologies of the web and in the tools used in building websites. Great web designers are well versed in HTML code, developing graphics for the web, designing layouts in CSS, maintaining websites, and working with multimedia.

5. They use technology to achieve specific goals

Not only are great web designers knowledgeable about all things web, but they are also wise enough to know what techniques and technologies are appropriate for a particular site. There’s a difference between being proficient and knowledgeable about all the latest web technologies and knowing when and where to use and apply them. 

6. They keep UX business goals in mind as well as design goals

There are a lot of very talented designers that can make beautiful looking websites. But the best web designers not only know how to create good looking websites, but they know how to make functional websites as well. They remember that your website isn’t a billboard for their design, but a showcase for your work and product. They also know that your site needs to attract visitors, encourage sales or sales leads for conversion, to inform, or even to entertain. They integrate design and visual communications to achieve ux business goals.

7. They’re not afraid to suggest something that will save your time and money

Good web designers are very cautious about using your time and money. They are happy to suggest solutions that will save your time and money, even if it ultimately means less money for them.

8. They have a cohesive and visually pleasing design aesthetic

Of course a great designer must have the ability to create beautiful looking designs. The websites they build must be attractive, easy to navigate, and easy to alter if you need to add or delete any sections. The color palette used must be pleasing to the eye and easy to read text on. A great designer should also have the ability to design for a range of aesthetics and moods.

9. They’re able to create a site that integrates with an existing design

If you already have brochures, logos, or packaging for your work, a great web designer should be able to have your website match that look. Even if you used another designer to develop your business cards and packaging, a great web designer can develop your site so it looks like one designer has done everything.

10. They have a clear design process

Great designers have been through the design process of developing a site  numerous times already due to experience. They know of possible pitfalls and can take the necessary steps to avoid them. They have designed and developed enough websites to be able to understand and plan for each step of the development and design process and should be able to come up with a fairly accurate estimate of how much and how long a particular website project will take to complete.

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