Facts about Hummingbird Update

Facts about Hummingbird Update

Facts about Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird Update What it Means for PR Pros

Since the latest algorithm ‘Hummingbird’ has been launched by Google, the world of Internet is in turmoil. This was launched for sorting information obtained when a user search for it and the answers received. Let us know more about some of the amazing facts associated with Hummingbird Update to help you understand the impacts it is having in the field of SEO and web design.

Hummingbird is a search Algorithm
Search algorithm is basically a technical term that is being used by Google to sift through more than billion web pages for information entailed in them and offer best answers. The name “Hummingbird” is given to this search algorithm as it works at a fast speed and return with best and precise results. Since this update started to be used, a marked improvement was seen in the answers obtained after a search using search engines.

Status of PageRank Algorithm
Use of Hummingbird Algorithm does not imply that Pagerank algorithm has been rendered redundant. It can be understood in a simple way. Pagerank is considered to be one of the more than two hundred ingredients used in Hummingbird recipe. Hummingbird takes help from Pagerank to understand the important links seen in every page beside other factors for their quality. If the page is high in quality and the words used are good, it is considered by Hummingbird Algorithm. This became possible only with Pagerank Algorithm.

Use of Hummingbird Update
Hummingbird Update came into existence quite recently and since then it has been consistently offering excellent results. A lot of changes have been seen in the efficiency and effectiveness in imparting best results once this algorithm started to come in use. It is as if a complete change has happened, old engine has been done with and a new engine is working faultlessly.

Similar Changes in the past
Such changes have occurred in the past but Hummingbird update has taken the entire virtual world by storm. Caffeine Update in 2010 created similar ripples in this field. This huge change also brought many positive changes in Google search engine. Information gathering became easy and sorting tons of information became easier and simpler. This dramatically written algorithm has brought about revolutionary changes.

There have been more updates lastly like Panda, Penguin and others but they handled just a part of an algorithm. This is the first time that a complete replacement has been seen. A new lease of life seems to have been injected in the Google search engine. Some old parts are still in use but this is because they are extremely good and there is no reason to replace them. Thus, Panda and Penguin are still being used. It has become so much convenient and easy to meet increasing search demands. Technological advancements have really changes the world of the Internet and looking for unique information is becoming so much simple. The focus on meaning instead of words has helped in enhancing effectiveness of search and this is the reason with the launch of Hummingbird update, search engines have become increasingly effective.

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