The Essential Components Of A Great Non-Profit Website Design

The Essential Components Of A Great Non Profit Website Design

In today’s digital age, the website for your non-profit is more important than ever. Your website represents who you are in the giant worldwide web. Your website is where people come to donate, volunteer, contact and find more information about what you do. So how do you know what to look for in a great non-profit website? It’s simple, just follow us cause we are about to show you the essential components that every non-profit must know!

Have a clear purpose and mission
One of the biggest mistakes a non-profit organization can make is not clearly explaining or showing what their purpose is. Every non-profit organization has a purpose and when it is not clearly displayed, your website has failed. New visitors to your website should be able to locate your “about” page within seconds and get an idea of why your organization exists.

Make it easy for people to donate
Donations are vital to every non-profit organization. Online donations open your organization to donors from other cities, provinces or even countries. A good non-profit website will have instructions telling you how and where you can donate. A great non-profit website will have the function to do it right then and there, simple and fast. Simply place a donation button on your most popular pages or better yet, on every page. By having multiple donation points throughout your website, donors won’t need to continuously click back to a central donation page during their session.

Include a blog
Having a blog on your website builds a strong personal relationship between your readers and your organization. It updates your current donors and potential donors on the great things you are doing for your cause. It is also a great opportunity to educate them on related issues and current events. Beyond updates and communication, blogging is a fun way to flex your creative writing and showcase your culture. It gives your current and potential donors a better idea of the values of your organization.

Finding the right agency
This is probably the most important component of building a great non-profit website is finding the right people to do it for you. Web design agencies are experts in design, development, and user experience; they know what works for your website and how to optimize it for your audience. Every non-profit organization is different: different causes, different people, and different needs. Find an agency that connects with you on a personal level, one that understands and believes in your cause. Most non-profits make the mistake of settling for the agency that can offer the lowest price and in return, they receive an obsolete website that needs redesigning in less than a year. The right agency for you will be one that you can call at any time and that will guide you through the whole process of getting your new website up and running; think of them like your friends next door!

Now that you know the essential components of creating a great non-profit website, you can stop reading and start doing! You are one step closer to building your online presence and letting the world know why your organization matters.

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