Diverse Tactics for Holistic SEO | SEO Content Strategy

Diverse Tactics for Holistic SEO SEO Content Strategy

Diversify in Search Engine Optimization Strategy

When it comes to one’s SEO content strategy and search engine optimization strategy for SEO in business, the biggest mistake digital marketers make when thinking about well-managed SEO is focusing solely on one tactic when optimizing their websites. Whether it’s to make a blog on their website, or to create a very elaborate backlink system, if you were to only focus on only one particular SEO strategy, you will inevitably be losing out on the possible benefits that you could achieve if you were to also implement other diverse tactics into your holistic SEO strategy as you might experience diminishing returns and lose out on the diverse benefits of different tactics. As a result, it is recommended that you diversify your tactics and use a more cumulative and holistic SEO approach in order to reap a larger overall impact for your SEO. To give you some ideas on how to diversify your SEO campaigns in hopes to increase website traffic and domain authority, here are some different tactics that you can implement into your overall SEO strategy.

Diverse Tactics for Well-Managed SEO

1. Blogging

Blogs are a great way to boost your SEO. Not only does it provide more SEO content for website content marketing, it also increases the opportunity to use different keywords in your additional content and provides you with the opportunity to build your backlink system as it is the prime location to create internal and external linkages. Additionally, blogging also helps with creating a personality for your brand as you can compose content and blog articles that follow and align with your brand voice and color. 

Some ways to spice up your blog to differentiate it from the multitude of other blogs on the internet include:

  • Featuring guest bloggers: Can make use of their individual areas of expertise and also allows you to reach the audience pool of your guest blogger
  • Include infographics: Infographics are helpful in illustrating complex topics and are visually pleasant and interesting for the user.
  • Include your other mediums: You can include other mediums in your blogs as well! Use your blogs to highlight the other mediums and formats that you work on (such as embedding your podcasts, social media content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

2. Traffic Sources

While it is vital to optimize for search engines (most significantly Google and Google search SEO), it is also important to seek out other forms and sources of traffic for your website. Other ways to create traffic for your website include executing email marketing as a way to directly engage with your subscribers/customers in your email list, engaging on social media platforms as a form of social media marketing as a tactic to redirect traffic onto your website, as well as going back to basics and promoting your customers to spread news about your company and brand via word of mouth marketing. While Google search SEO is important, diversify your traffic sources to expand your website’s reach!

3. Links

It’s important to remember that search engines don’t only care about the quantity of links on your website, but the quality of these links is also a key aspect that heavily affects the search engine optimization of your website. One factor that affects the link quality of your website is the relevance of those particular links to your own website, and one way to ensure the relevance of these links is to link to businesses that provide similar services and content as you do. Additionally, you can also link to your clients as since they already have a history and a certain level of trust established with your company, they are more likely to be willing to credit your company and return the favor of linking to your website on their own website.


In your efforts of working on the search engine optimization strategy of your website, make sure you don’t only focus on one individual SEO tactic while neglecting and abandoning the other array of tactics that you can also use and implement. But at the same time, make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin and try to do everything at once because working on SEO is not just about starting them, it is also about being able to maintain them with the finite amount of resources that you have.

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