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Local Search Engine Marketing vs. Global SEO

In the wake of the growing popularity of the commercial websites, more and more business owners are striving to make their presence felt on the internet. It is known to all that the internet has to offer diverse kinds of marketing and promotional tools that not only prove to be cost-effective but also ensure wide reach at the same time. Business enterprises are really deriving immense benefits in the context of increasing the base of loyal customers. However, SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies should be formulated by taking into consideration the area where a company is catering to instead of competing in the competitive global SEO market. To do this, many work on their local search engine optimization strategy and their local business optimization tactics, such as using GMB (Google My Business), to improve their website SEO performance. On top of location, it is recommended to also focus on your industry. In simple words, if a company is into export, it should formulate the best local SEO strategies for the export industry accordingly. On the contrary, if it is serving local customers only, the SEO strategies must focus on the same.

Local Business Optimization using Local Listings

There are various aspects related to local business listing that can influence search engine optimization to a great extent. Those aspects include accuracy of the business’ name, citations, address, and phone number in local listings. Due to the advent of advanced tablets and highly sophisticated smartphones, the importance of local listings have increased simultaneously with this trend. People can easily obtain information from wherever they are through using their smartphones. Easy accessibility and instant access to information compels mobile phone users to resort to using local listings

Mobile Local SEO using Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology

One added reason to claim your business on Google/GMB and other search engines is to make use of global positioning system technology (GPS technology) whereby you make use of the built-in gps in mobile devices to benefit from mobile local SEO. If you are a business owner and have been taking local listings casually so far, the time has come to put more emphasis and importance to this SEO strategy. Have a glimpse of a few of the best practices related to the GMB Optimization (Google My Business Optimization) for when you claim your business on Google!

GMB Optimization:

1. Keep NAP information consistent:

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. These three elements create the basic information of your local listing. If they are consistent, customers will not face hassles in obtaining the basic information of your company and business. If you keep changing the basic information, search engines and directories may get confused, which in turn may consequently confuse your customers as well.

2. Full Address: 

Your address should always be written in full. Use of abbreviation for addresses should be avoided. A complete address includes the civic address, the name of the street, and the street type. It is better to avoid the information related to direction, including unit, post office box (P.O. box), and suite no.. Customers may get confused between the administrative office and the commercial office. So, always mention your commercial office information.

3. Phone Number Formatting: 

Providing accurate contact information, especially your company phone number, is compulsory. When writing and formatting your phone number on your website, do not include any brackets, spaces, and/or dashes as this might confuse the users.

4. Include Images and Videos: 

By adding images and video content in your business listing, this can help improve the reliability, trustworthiness, and credibility of your website as they can believe what they see. An image speaks a million words.

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