8 Steps to Write a Strong Branding Statement

8 steps to write a strong branding statement

Regardless if you are a solo developer or belong to a large project mission, it is hard to underestimate the importance of a strong branding statement. In simple terms, a branding statement is usually a short phrase that tells your customers or the target audience about how you can make something possible. The trick is not only to tell what you are planning to do and why, but to present a clear concept with amazing ideas. Of course, if you claim something that is too ambitious and far from reality, it will not work.

Your branding statement should be informative and meaningful to explain how exactly you are planning to achieve something. Even though it is difficult to let every person relate to your statement, you can think about using several sentences that will help create a special mindset and a strategy. Starting with the perfect grammar and clarity to the reflection of your business principles, it is a complex mixture that must be understood!

8 Steps How to Write a Strong Branding Statement

1. Explore Your Audience.

They often say that you should think exactly like your audience, which is not easy if you do not take time to analyze various aspects that make your customers inspired or realize what they might be looking for. It does not matter if you plan some innovations or want to take a specific niche. The vital part is knowing who you are talking to in terms of your marketing strategy. In case you do not know how to analyze your customers, you can create various questionnaires and surveys or explore similar companies to test the relevant field.

2. Determine Your Unique Selling Point.

Think about what would make you stand out from the rest and act as your selling point. For example, you should talk about what will make people inspired to find out more. Even if someone will not really become a client for what they came there for, it might still make this person interested in your other services, which is a good way to brainstorm your ideas. Your brand statement should encompass all your strategic thinking and factors that make your services successful and unique.

3. Your Language Tone.

Try to avoid adverbs that do not sound real or seem out of place. Use adjectives instead! Ask yourself whether what you offer is safe, reliable, helpful, advanced, authentic, or simple. For example, you can use “meaningful innovation” by explaining why it is so or use “independent research” to show that you provide unbiased information when writing movie or book reviews. It all comes down to whether something is accessible or useful. The trick is to keep things balanced because you have to provide information by explaining what it is like. Your tone must be explanatory with as little marketing (ads style) language as you can while still keeping things inspiring!

4. Grammar and Style.

One of the most important aspects of getting your branding statement right is keeping your grammar accurate and your sentence structure clear. It takes an expert with some experience to make things readable and stylish. In other words, when your sentence is grammatically correct, your message will not be misread or misunderstood. If you are not sure how to get it done right, you can read the Edubirdie review and see what kind of composition help you can receive. Just remember to share your ideas and thoughts in simple terms to let the writing expert assist you accordingly. It should not be too complex because you can always divide your main objectives into several simpler sentences.

5. Being Unique.

Even though we talk about several sentences for our branding statement, it may still become an issue if you are using someone’s idea or unique wording. Unfortunately, it is easy to become trapped in copyright claims and plagiarism. As you compose your branding statement, enter your branding statement in a Google search string to determine whether it is met anywhere word for word. If you see this scenario, simply paraphrase your branding strategy. It will help you to avoid unpleasant debates. It is not the words that you use but the reflection of your services and unique qualities. Keep things unique and accessible!

6. Make Things Memorable.

Ask yourself about what could make you memorable. It is easy to do when you ask your customers and the branding marketing team staff about their first thoughts that they have when they hear about your company or services. For example, if you talk about a translation agency, it may be “certified translators” or “meeting every deadline even if it is urgent”. It has to be incorporated correctly by talking about your achievements. Of course, you must be able to achieve something in practice, which is why you must mention something that you do well. It has to be something that will make people recognize you. A cafe could be “with a French vibe” or a Data Analysis company could be “supportive and caring even for beginners”.

7. An Emphatic Analysis.

Your brand should be empathetic. It is way more simple than it sounds because you should focus on your customer’s needs and offer something that is applicable in daily life. It should not be something “distant” that may be achieved one day. Focus on those aspects that you use all the time. Encourage your company’s staff to follow your objectives and moral principles. Your branding statement should be cultural, social, and environmental-friendly. It should bring power to the people. It is all about talking to your customers and making your statement alive. Your target customer should be the one who can make a change with your help. Think about cooperation and aim for living together in a safer world.

8. Learn From Others.

See how your competitors do it but do not copy from them. For example, learn to avoid professional jargon, slang, or anything that would make things overly complex. See how other companies write through the lens of their customer’s perspectives. See how others explain their benefits and work on their social and cultural agenda. Investigate and do not be afraid to listen and learn!


Capturing The Essence

When you are representing your brand, you must be patient as you analyze and capture every new bit. The most important thing is to think like your customer and do your best to envision various challenges that must be settled down in an efficient way. For example, when you are dealing with herbal medication, it would be insufficient to say that you are selling your products. A much better approach would be “Combining healthcare standards with the history of herbal medicine practices, we aim to let nature and science work together for your well-being”.


It shows that you are not only promoting your products but support yourself with safe and reliable scientific benchmarks as you approach herbal practices. Think about the environment where your brand statement is used to provide the answer to the most important question. This is exactly how you should analyze and evaluate your branding statement. Always capture the essence and let your customers feel safe and inspired!


Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at Writeload with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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