3 Ways To Assist Customers On Social Media Sites After Sale Completion



SOCIAL MEDIA SITES - 3 Ways To Assist Customers On Social Media Sites After Sale CompletionGood customer service is an integral part of long term success in business. How well you treat your customers even after a sale, will influence everything from branding, to repeat customers to new sales and even recommendations. The need to treat customers ‘right’ in today’s digital world is even more important. Since so many customers use social media on a regular basis, it is vital to use this platform to ‘hear’ your customers.

Consider the following three ways to assist customers on social media sites after sale completion:

#1 Implement appropriate tools to hear your customers’ conversations

Customers like to be listened to. They need a platform where they can grieve about something that is not working well or offer thoughts about a service they tried. The social media platform is their sounding board for both excitement and frustration.

All customer service conversations are not bad, but a majority of them are negative. Therefore if something undesirable is mentioned about your product, you need to take immediate accountability for it. Actively listen to your customer’s concerns.

To help you hear your customers’ conversation better on social media sites, consider implementing the following tools:
– Hootsuite
– Google Trends
– Radian6
Having such tools at your fingertips helps you hear the start of your customer’s conversation.

#2 Respond immediately to customers’ comments

If a customer states a problem with your product or service, don’t make them wait. Simply respond back immediately within a given time frame. The ability to respond quickly can be a challenge for some companies because social media simply needs this to happen quickly.

To avoid a perceived delay in response time, set down the rules about when you will respond. For instance, you can use an automated email that informs customers that you will answer their complaints/queries within 24 hours. Providing a time deadline gives the customer a wait window. However you need to actually respond within this timeframe. In fact, the earlier the better!

#3 Share Customers’ Success Stories

While the main goal is your company’s success, your customers need to feel that you care about their success. Social media customer service is there to answer queries, inform about product developments and build closer relationships with customers who are using your products.

To help your customers feel like you care, mention their success stories on social media. A great way to do this is by creating a ‘Case of the Week’. This is a chance for you to highlight a particular customer and their success story with your product. Just don’t forget to tag them so that they can share this post.

Stellar customer service, both before and after the sale are vital to growing your business. Consider the three social media strategies mentioned here to help your business grow.

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