How to avoid follies and make a website successful

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successful website - How to avoid follies and make a website successful
The popularity of a website more often subsides with passing time due to various errors. One may think creating and maintaining a successful task is easy, and the blogger starts relaxing, thinking website would perform its duties. This proves disastrous and the site slowly becomes inactive. Having a website is like running a business and to make sure its productivity does not become stagnant, continuous hard work and development is required to make it more successful. Just initial efforts to impart a finishing look aren’t sufficient, continuous improvement with the latest present day features can create wonders. Therefore, in order to continue writing the website’s success story, avoid the below mentioned factors:
Irregular Posts

One of the greatest mistake an author can make is ‘forget’ posting; the key to success is update the site with minimum of one article each day, which is the mantra followed by big successful sites. If one fails to do so for a day, it would not matter much, but on skipping for a whole week or more, the website becomes lifeless. A unique and appealing articles or information, produced even few times each day will make the site effective. One can easily develop habit of composing briefs and to the point relevant posts in order to keep the website updated.
Huge number of Advertisements on Site   

There is no harm in earning profit via websites, but too much of anything is not good, so is the case of excessive advertisements. Careful positioning of advertisements on the site will enable readers to link to areas which are correlated with website’s information. Whereas, placing huge number of adverts creates bad impression as the main content loses focus amongst gaudy banners and ads. Therefore, it is advisable to place maximum of 3 advertisements on each page but utilize ideal spaces to allow information to stand out. Do not allow huge adverts to occupy the website as they will only worsen the situation. So think logically and give first priority to the site, and with limited adverts earn profit too.
Prioritizing the site’s appearance

Looks are always important, as an impressive and sharp appearance will make the website more noticeable by the visitors. An effective and sophisticated display or format is the basic trick to improve site visitors. One can even employ a specialist or can choose to build oneself for getting a well structured site. If a self made successful design seems unstructured or sloppy, it is unlikely to have a good result. Experiment with new methods and styles to discover what attracts visitors the most.
Overloading the site with images

Again, too much of visuals or images may not be good for the website. Adequate images might attract visitors but overdoing it may push visitors away. Best is to use limited and effective images.
Posting irrelevant articles

Make sure while expressing the thoughts via article that it is done so in a proper way. The independence of thoughts and expressions should not offend visitors and there should not be any objectionable and offensive language use.

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