Homepage slider – a big blow to SEO and usability of your website

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slideshows in web design - Homepage slider – a big blow to SEO and usability of your website
There are numerous ways through which a website can be made extremely appealing and functional. Ironically, there are also numerous ways through which the usability of a website is ruined completely. A skilled website developer is the one who possess an in-depth knowledge about both the ways. It has been observed that in the context of the B2B websites (Business-to-business websites), the use of sliders on the homepage can ruin the entire functionality. Sliders are also known as carousels. The use of the same may not only end up in irritating the target users, but it also ends up in hurting the SEO and usability of a website. In a thorough research about the carousels, it was being found out that they prove to be a bad option for B2B websites. By having a glimpse on 30 diverse B2B websites, it was being found out that out of those, 18 websites did contain carousels. The use of carousels was for three major reasons that included branding, service/ product promotion and thought leadership. If you were unaware about the potential damages these homepage sliders can do to your website, here read on to know about that:
SEO- related issues:

Alternating headings: It was being found out that the majority of the sliders were created with the help of HTML5, AJAX and iQuery. In most of the cases, the headings of the sliders were being enfolded in an h1 tag. In accordance to the fundamental SEO practices, there should not be more than one h1 tag/page. Besides that, it should emerge before any other heading tag. When h1 tag is used in the slider, whenever the slide will change, the h1 tag will also change. Thus, if a page will feature five slides, the number of h1 tags also will become five, that suffice for diluting the keyword relevance.

Usage of flash: When flash is not incorporated sensibility in a slide, it can dilute the SEO. Not all search engines are capable of displaying those websites that contain flash within them. Unfortunately, lot of web developers cannot resist themselves in the matter of integrating flash in a website.

Poor speed: An attractive website can certainly fetch more number of visitors but if a downloading speed of a website will be poor, the drawn visitors will be compelled to close the webpage. It was being observed that lot of B2B websites were featuring full-width carousels. These sliders were loaded with high resolution images. Due to the incorporation of these images, the downloading speeds of websites were hurt badly.

In the context of the usability issues, it was being found out that nobody clicks on the carousels. The biggest mistake committed by the web developers prove to be the one wherein a user is required to scroll down below the fold, in order to reach to the content. Now, when you have known that how damaging these sliders can prove to be, you should remove them immediately from your website. You should try to provide personalized content. You should also incorporate attractive images in order to enhance the content quality.

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